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  1. I am looking forward to your results!
  2. Yes these 2960xm are on eBay from some Chinese sellers. Don’t know if they are authentic. I also don’t find a spare part with 3 heatpipes. I think you have to try and let us know. Be sure you take great care for using the thermal paste! This will be crucial.
  3. Ty for this link. I have already tried this methods... Without success.
  4. Which CPU is installed now. There could be a problem with the heat. I am not an expert, but the TDP is 10W higher than an 2630qm or 2670qm. Maybe you need a additional heatpipe? You can try and check temperature, while gaming. Its easy plug and play when temp is ok.
  5. Is there a new version of the Chair? I cannot find this one in Germany...
  6. Thats nice! Do you have removed the Soft Touch Finish from the inside? If yes, how did you make it?
  7. As I know the maximum CPU is the i7-2960XM, a little less is the i7-2860QM. You can google all the CPUs. Its the 2. Generation "Sandy Bridge" Socket 1155. I hope someone can confirm my posting ;)
  8. I had this Problem too and tried everything. Only a new battery was the solution.
  9. Maximum is 32GB, but I think 16GB is perfect for the age
  10. Mine is sliky too. I will try Spiritus for a total remove. There is also a YouTube video. I think this is the best Option.
  11. Ooow man, These are so cool! Thank you Form making my M17x R3 next level sh*t Is there a Version for 2021 in the Future?
  12. Hey there, I am from Germany and hope for access to the download area. I think I am not able to write quality posts in English... I need the A12 Bios unlocked for the M17x R3.
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