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  1. Congratulations man, you've come a long damn way over the last few years. I've dropped off the scene a bit as of the past while and am glad to still see old friends doing well
  2. K so here's a kicker, I've seen a lot of negative stuff about the AMD cards and a fully muxed chip pushing enduro still an issue or no?
  3. Here's the only question I have left, in your opinion if I do a decent amount of gaming and a lot of 3d rendering using 3ds Max would you go with the 8970m(4gb Clevo), 7970m(Clevo), or 770m? I'd love to snag a 780m but with the price range it's out of the ballpark for me with Christmas coming up. Thanks as always!
  4. Well I found my answer in a strange way, most of you guys are familiar with UpgradeMonkey aka LaptopMonkey on ebay, I know a lot of you guys purchased the QS/ES extreme cpu's from him. He states on his listing for one of his 8970's that the Clevo cards have been tested as compatible with the AW 17(r5) AMD HD 8970M 2GB GDDR5 for MSI 1762 16F4 Clevo SM Alienware M17x R5 M18x R3 | eBay
  5. Well that's some crap, have they locked registers or have they gone to a different bios type? Depending on the amount of soldering and type of soldering I wouldn't mind, how much is the chip? Also what's your opinion on if the rig will run other cards with or without it such as the AMD 7970/8970?
  6. The card I'm looking at is the Clevo version. The only reason I'm considering a 7970m over a 8970m is I've found a few 7970's for just over $300 whereas the cheapest 8970m I can find is about $500. Based on the tests I've seen the 8970 is a few percent more powerful at best so I'm having a tough time justifying the nearly $200 price difference with such a little performance return. I'd love to just slap a Nvidia in there but with the amount of rendering and cad I do now it's not even a thought with how badly AMD is beating Nvidia in these types of apps. The only concern I have at this point is if the bios is locking supported gpu's or not, I found absolutely nothing in the bios update files hinting to any of the cards even the supported ones after running it through Notepad++, XVI32, and a few other programs.
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to check to see if anyone had any additional info on something I've been looking into the last couple of days. I'm looking at an Alienware 17 and wondered if anyone has the specific bios info on what gpu's are supported in the factory bios or if Svl7 or anyone else has realeased an unlocked bios that could have additional cards added. I know Dell used to lock the Bios by putting in strings for supported graphics cards and even used to release the info on which ones were but have been unable to find it. I'm considering putting a 7970 into one of the 17's as I do a lot of 3d rendering and cad for my job and the data I was able to find shows the 770m/780m getting murdered in cad and rendering apps when compared to the 7970. Any info would be amazing! Thanks!
  8. Yeah nice part is all of my tests were done at the exact same settings other than the gpu so after the first submission it wasn't too difficult.
  9. Yeah XTU doesn't seem to be doing a damn thing with my rig, I've tried bumping the multi in XTU and once it reboots the bios resets to 35/32/28/28 even though it was 45/45/45/45 before and as a result it locks up as soon as it tries to load. I got an account setup, just in the painful process of entering the scores and all the hardware xD
  10. Thanks man, you do know that its sli 460's though right? I had one that was a bit higher about 18.5k gpu but the damn thing locked up as I opened snipping tool. Do I need an invite or something to count my posts to the TI team? There will be more coming down the road, I'm on stock paste and a 2 pipe cpu heatsink right now, I also need to figure out how the hell to get the multi above 45x and you can expect some more insanity
  11. Here's some more, have vantage, wprime 32/1024, cinebench here. If you guys want some points on your hwbot team hit me up, all of these will take between 1st and 3rd in their categories.
  12. Sorry didn't realize the board resized images on it's own, here is a full size one.
  13. Not too bad for some quick dirty tuning on stock cooling/paste.
  14. You can send em to me and I'll test them for you Brian either way I'd like to see the results. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
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