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  1. Yes I flashed my bios to A12 unlocked and vbios to modded on from klem
  2. Update: just fixed it by removing the CMOS battery and holding the power button for 25-30 seconds and putting the CMOS battery back in. By doing this it reseted the bios settings.
  3. I changed my primary display to SG and switched integrated graphics device to enable (I think this broke it...). Ever since I switched those two settings my laptop just wont show bios nor boot. Is there a way to get into the bios? Or flash it? I have the 120hz 3d monitor
  4. I have stopped using my laptop's battery for quite a while now and the last time I tried to plug it in and try it, the battery just didnt want to charge... Maybe the battery is dead? Is there a way I can bring it back to life?
  5. Whenever I try to install my i7-2860qm integrated graphics im meet with a message saying my system does not meet the requirements for downloading this software. I have the m17x r3 with 120hz 3d monitor
  6. I recently got a used GTX 880m from ebay. Im trying to put it to my alienware m17x r3 but I want to know if the manufacturer of the vbios matters and I need to flash it.
  7. I recently upgraded my AW m17x r3 from a gtx 580m to a gtx 880m following the guide from eurocom. Whenever I try to enable the high definition audio back on it just wont go past the win 10 logo. After the win 10 logo it goes either black screen or a solid color screen. I tried to disable nvidia hd audio through device manager and uninstalling but it didnt work. I also tried to install realtek hd audio and that also didnt work. I tried to disable high definition audio through device manager and it didnt work.
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