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  1. Hi MattyB points taken. Given that I have the 2720QM currently, you reckon that 2860QM will offer any noticeable improvement ? If it adds an extra 5% for example, I'll be happy. Funny enough, there is one up for sale relatively close where I live and I am tempted.
  2. I don't have a good experience when purchasing things like that from China tbh. I found a seller based in the US and I am proper tempted to give it a go. Will keep you posted! Many thanks
  3. Hi all, I hope that someone can help me with the following: While trying to install a 780M, things didn't work as expected. After loading the Unlocked BIOS A12, Windows would show a black screen and only the mouse cursor would show up. I removed the card, and tried to restart with only the onboard graphics card; Result was the same; With or without GPU, black screen and only the mouse pointer. Failed also when I tried safe mode. I suspect that I might messed the BIOS settings, so the question is: Can someone provide me the BIOS settings WITHOUT any GPU attached? I suspect that my Win10 have the issue but need to ensure that BIOS settings are correct Thanks a lot!
  4. Good point! I do use the original processor 2720 and yes the TDP is 10W higher. I wonder if anyone has tried that without any additional heatpipes and if that caused any smoke and fires I don't have the 2960xm handy but I found it in Ebay for a reasonable price
  5. Thanks Rengual. I'll see how it goes with 780M first (hopefully this weekend). Next in the list is 2960xm And last , might be the 32GB just to see if there is any improvement (CMO scenarios I am running include 10-15000 units so as an advert in UK says: Every little helps!!) I am not expecting a ground breaking change tbh but I am curious for a first hand experience. Stay tuned (And a Happy New Year!!)
  6. HI guys, thanks for the feedback. With a quick research , 2960XM seems to be the most powerful CPU. MY question is, (assuming that I can get it) : Is it a plug and play or requires extra work ? Has anyone tried it? Thanks!
  7. Could someone repost this with the photos? Seems they expired and it's tricky to follow this without photos Thanks ZoulouTango
  8. Replying so to keep it up; Any suggestions/words of advice will be mostly welcomed ZT
  9. Thanks for that. I'll focus on installing my 780M first and maybe consider the extra memory as an extra in the future. 99% of the work I am doing is ok but when I try to run CMO ( technically between simulator and game) my baby shows her age.
  10. Hi all, now that I am in the zone, I checked my memory and realized that I got 16GB. Can someone advise as to the maximum memory that I can have? I recall that 16GB was what I was told a few years back but a search on internet shows various answers: 16,24,32 Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi all, Has anyone tried upgrading the CPU ? Any words of advice? What's the fastest it can get? Is it a plug and play or plug and pray ? Thanks ZoulouTango
  12. Hi all, friends call me ZuluTango I am the proud owner of an M17xR3 . Since last July, I am working slowly with my limited skills to upgrade my little baby against everyone that suggests me to get rid of it and get a new one. Started with battery and power cable; Done Then got SSD's and Win10 reinstall ; Done Now I got a 780M in a box waiting for me to work on it (thanks to mattyb3 for all his advice and patience!) Once done, I'll probably ask the forum the following: CPU upgrade for a M17xR3 Oh and memory was upgraded first 4-5 years back Nice to be here Best, ZuluTango
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