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  1. But if I'm already with 8.01 can I go back to 2.06?
  2. Mate can you check in your bios what is listed? Here is mine: Hi mate, Mine is stock Sandisk 16G: SanDisk® U100 SSD (mSATA) - SDSA5DK-064G - SDSA5DK,64GB,SATA,Mtr-6,4X2D64MA02TSOP,4 And yes it was working before. At least it was listed in device manager.
  3. Today I removed the HDD and put back the SSD alone. After power on I see LENOVO on the scree but cant access BIOS. After few set it reboot itself and loop....
  4. Hi guys, As in the other thread said I deleted all partitions on my HDD and SSD. After that only one unallocated space appeared. Also the SSD disappeared from the BIOS. Today I decided to removed the SSD. After this I was surprised that m Win8 starts for 15sec w/o it. I putted SSD back and win started again for more then 2min. Any idea what is wrong? And why it just disappeared from everywhere? Thx!
  5. Thank you mate! I've downladed and Installed But for some reason only clean install work. Maybe cause after repartition my SSD disappeared from the BIOS. Will make new thread about this issue. Thx mate You can use this free program: Get the paid version of EaseUS Partition Master at discount. Magic Partition Manager Freeware for PC/Server users. Upgrade EaseUS Partition Master Free But I just finnished clean install and probably will stay will it.
  6. Thanks for the hint mate! I've found the torrent. Unfortunately there is no seeders at the moment but I'm not hurry
  7. No one would help? Please PM me.
  8. Hi guys, After I resized my primary partition my win8 couldnt boot anymore. OKR couldnt help either so I just delete all partitions and installed win7. All went ok but unfortunately now I have "wakeup problem" (you can check my other thread). So can anyone make an image of the hidden OKR partition and upload it somewhere for me? It will be really glad! thx in advance! Ross
  9. Today I've ran nvidia latest drivers and when the screen blinked it happened again Maybe some problem with Intel graphics?
  10. I read that this is related to the new BIOS support win8.
  11. Hi, I have problem with my y580. Recently i downgrade to win7 and now I have problem with wake up. Not every time but random after the screen turn off it doesnt on. To make it on I must push power button and wait to asleep. After that pushing the button again will turn it. Do you now some solution of it? thx!
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