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  1. svl7 I get an smi error I have v89 bios and i want to change it because of artifacts showing in games is it possible to change to v40 or must i go to v90 ?
  2. Hello guys, I got my y580 about 6 months ago it had win8 on it but whenever i play games artifacts would show up so i googled the prooblem and found out if i get bios ver 40 it would fix it so i installed win 7 but found out i still have v89 so i tried the method on this site but i always get an error and the keyboard freezes and have to take out the battery the error is : IHISI: Flash write error in SMI! SMI Return Code :0x25 if some 1 can help me i would be grateful thnx in advance !!
  3. Yes, it matches all your requirements i own the laptop and it works flawlessly and meets your needs !!
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