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  1. I installed a 256gb Mydigitalssd bp4 msata for my lenovo y580, boot times are blazing fast but clean installing windows 8.1 on the ssd was a pain and took a lot of work since i didn't have the disc and had an oem key.
  2. The Cooler Master NotePal U3 has worked well for my lenovo y580,but since you have the y410p you might want to try the Cooler master Notepal U2: Amazon.com: Cooler Master NotePal U2 - Laptop Cooling Pad with 2 Movable Fans: Computers & Accessories
  3. [h=1]Neutralize ft. Emily Underhill - Shining Through The Light[/h] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TWHNs2LBGM
  4. If you enjoy RTS (Real time strategy) games Starcraft 2 is a great game to check out. You're able to play through and try the game thoroughly with the starter edition for free.
  5. Bought battlefield 4 for $20 on black friday, nice game however the campaign is short and not worth playing, in addition they need to iron out a few bugs for pc.
  6. I've noticed recently that my download speeds significantly drop moving more than 15ft away from the router on my lenovo y580. My download speeds are 20mb and 5mb upload 5 ft from the router, but when i go to my bedroom 20ft away and through a wall it still shows very good to excellent connection but the download speeds are 5mb and 1mb upload. All online gaming is incredibly laggy and web browsing is slow. What would be the best way to fix this problem. Replacing the WiFi card? I tried running intel wireless tools diagnostics but all tests passed. My laptop has the intel centrino 2200 wifi card.
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