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  1. So after I restored my y580 to sell it, the buyer is having this issue when trying to game. Any solutions?
  2. That's not true, the y580 fan never runs at full speed. If you want to check as well whenever I'm gaming and the GPU is under full load 100% I go to the dust extractor and turn it on, the fan then spins even faster and the loudness goes up. Check it yourself.
  3. I've opened up my y580 a number if times the only way to adjust the fan is to manually sever the two other wires but leaving the positive and negative to the fan, thus the fan will run at full speed. You can .attach a switch to return the fan to normal function once you deactivate the dGPU the fan should have less work to do as it is only cooling the CPU. Not sure what is wrong with yours.
  4. What variant of the y580 do you have? 1080p display? Give Me some of your fps scores on games running at that resolution.
  5. Sadly the GPU is paired with an Amd A10. Which bottle necks the GPU terribly. Hmmm... With an egpu on the mini pcie port, would I be able to run ac4 and bf4 on ultra with more than 40fps? Gtx680 of course.
  6. My y580 after an apparent bad paste job has temps that goes up to 93. it never goes past this, i believe it is because it starts throttling whenever it reaches those temps. because games play at a good fps 30+ on high at 1080p but shortly after i get low fps like 22.2 and that's when temps reach in the 90's. because of that i believe it is due to gpu throttling. anyhow. even when i try to OC at those temps it makes no difference in fps, which is strange in itself. Does anyone know what temps the gtx 660m in the y580 throttles at? i have already ordered a SSD and a 2nd HDD drive caddy and some Arctic silver. i also ordered Cool laboratory liquid metal pad. anyone has any experience with the cool laboratory liquid metal pad? as well.
  7. there should be a way to 'short' the connection to the CMOS battery and cause the bios to reset. done it to a few toshibas' in the past. As for making the usb drive bootable, as long as you downloaded the DOS files (win98) and the hp formatting tool it will be bootable. for me i had to put my computer into legacy mode to properly boot from it. So after you reset the bios change from UEFI to legacy and press F12 when the bios first boots up to enter the boot manager. AND VOILA i forgot to mention, only when i was in legacy mode was i able to boot from the usb. it was not showing usb bootable in UEFI mode.
  8. There was one on ebay, but i'm not seeing it anymore. i would keep looking around on ebay if i were you.
  9. i don't have an overheating problem but my temps go pass 90 too frequently for me after i changed the original thermal paste to some i used on my xbox 360. before it had never touched 90! so i'm going to get some arctic silver and mod the fan. i'd expect to use this laptop at least 2 years or so. maybe 3.
  10. i believe your issue is may stem from a failing hard drive if you haven't changed to a SSD. those symptoms happened to me on several occasions... hard drive was bad. which is obviously caused by the gpu and cpu head that greatly diminishes the lifespan of the hdd.
  11. svl7 i'm getting an issue with the the procedure.the win64 intel tool, won't back up anything. the cmd console just stays there and won't back up anything after executing the backup.bat. the DOS version tells me it's not compatible with my version on windows (win 8 64 bit). not sure what to do now to back up my bios with this computer. Update: Backup worked in dos. The flash tool in DOS won't let me select options.as soon as I input fpt.exe it tells me press any key to continue and I can't input any commands. After pressing any button twice it tells me error 200: invalid parameter value specified by user. Any help? UPDATE: the flashed work when i changed the fixed file extension from ROM to BIN. the unlocked bios is great, stock speeds is at 1000mhz and my laptop runs cooler now... hardly goes above 80... fantastic! thank you SLV7!!
  12. I for one am now afraid tod flash the 8.01 bios. Anyone can confirm it worked for them with the factory bios version at 8.01?
  13. my dv6000 started behaving erratically, sometimes the webcam would work and then the computer wouldn't find it in the device manager. now the wifi card is not detected (also works sporadically), the sound doesn't work at all, no audio hardware is detected so not even the headphone jack works. it used to overheat and i opened it cleaned all the lint stuck in the heatsink and reapplied fresh thermal paste (the flour and water combo hp used sucks) then the overheating stopped. now i can't really use this computer as the lan has also stopped working. is there anything i can do to fix it? help anyone? please?
  14. so basically from what i've read you can just cut the other wires leaving the positive and negative (red+black) and the fan will run at 100%. along with decreased battery life (will be gaming so not a factor). i intend to use this mod for gaming and OC'ing and a attach a switch to turn on regular fan behavior. i am going to order some arctic silver and a 2nd hdd dvd caddy to relocate the hdd to the dvd drive before i attempt this mod. just to help decrease the temps. i also want to remove the grill that helps reduce dust getting to the fan(to help increase airflow). hopefully with all of this if i could just see the temps stay at 80 and below it will all be worth it.
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