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  1. I would check the temperatures and try different drivers first
  2. I have the exact same issue with my Alienware 15R3 (6820hk at 4.1+ghz and overclocked 1070 gtx): gradual degradation from 15500 points global score (19 000 graphics) to 15200 global score approximately.
  3. New member here too from Brussels with an alienware 15R3 and a M14x
  4. That's weird, are you also sure that the 840 is working fine? Did you test it on another computer?
  5. I have the same problem as you do. Temperatures are also not too high. I am still repasting the CPU and the GPU at the moment to be sure that it's not heat related.
  6. This is great, will it also work with a GTX 1080?
  7. The smart move it to buy a new laptop indeed if it's too old
  8. This would also be useful for 1070GTX in order to fix the vbios bug with micron memory chips.
  9. I used conductonaut (liquid metal) and Kryonaut in my latest laptops, would recommend both
  10. Thanks a lot for this, I will test it as soon as I finish repasting my old M14x
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