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  1. The latest official one is A09. http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=H9DY5&fileId=2731100480&osCode=WV64&productCode=alienware-m15x&languageCode=en&categoryId=BI Edit: Just looked at the date... sorry for necro. Lol
  2. Hey guys, I've had a problem recently where my laptop shuts down (no BSOD, just power cuts off as if the power button was held) while playing games. I'm fairly certain its not a heat issue as I've had it shut down when temperatures were no higher than 70C across the board. I've replaced the CPU, ram and HDD, so I'm certain its not those components. Does anybody have any insight, or ideas as to how I could test whether it's an issue with the GPU or the Motherboard, or perhaps something else? The computers specs are: Alienware m15x i7 920xm GTX 660m 8gb ram Thanks
  3. Man, ever since I had to reinstall windows on my computer, I've been missing all the Alienware UI tweaks and didn't know how to get them back. Thanks a lot guys!
  4. Also, I'm just wondering what is the norm for temperatures on the GPU? Right now when I'm not doing anything it runs at around 31 degrees, and in game it goes up to about 55. Is this normal? How high is too high, what should I be looking out for?
  5. I used to use the G9x until the wire coming out of the mouse started to have connection problems. Probably just due to my travelling with it all the time. It was a really good mouse, loved the feel of it and all. But since it stopped working, I picked up a Corsair Vengeance M90, and I'm loving it. It feels really great and is nicely weighted, though I don't take full advantage of all its buttons most of the time, but I love having the option to if I want
  6. I'm in the same place as b00ts. Just got an installed the 660m, got drivers installed fine. However, I'm not getting anything on my internal display, only through vga. Hopefully the vbios in this thread will fix that, but I've got to wait until this forum will allow me to download it, as a I just joined this forum while looking around for solutions.
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    Hey, I'm new here too! Nice to meet you
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