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  1. Hello! here is my BIOS dump: https://www.sendspace.com/file/r35nir Thank you!
  2. Hello! is Baked still active? Or does anyone else has .unlocked 28 ROM for CLevo P775TM1-G? I have 9900KS and the rom made by Baked in early 2019 is just too old, I am afraid to flash it because it would probably not boot with a 9900KS. Thank you!
  3. Hi all! THe latest GTX 1080 (not MaxQ) Asus laptop has finally got an UEFI BIOS with modern graphical interface however as usual with gaming laptops, it comes with BIOS which has even the most basic cpu settings like core ratio, speedstep, core voltage, hyperthreading, etc hidden from the user. Could someone please unlock these hidden settings ? Also if there is time and not much effort is needed, could someone please tweak the BIOS so the enabled core clock would be stable and it would not drop (even for a millisecond) under the manually set value ? Here is the latest BIOS 305 for the Kaby Lake G701VIK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqyXIO3NsrueFZsVThSYlpISWs/view Whoever tweaks it, please send me your PayPal link so I could buy you a beer! THank you !
  4. Hi there! My question is, would it be possible to unlock the vBIOS of a GTX 1080 used in the Clevo P775DM3-G and P870DM3-G laptops? More precisely what I wan't is: - Power throttle disabled - unlocked power limit and temp limit slider in MSI Afterburner - power consumption meter unlocked - any other extra which I forgot about (and don't unlock it to be just cosmetic, but in a way it actually does something) ? I attached a GTX 1080 vBIOS saved from a card in a P775DM3-G. I can offer $100 as donate to the person who can unlock the vBIOS and activate the things mentioned. P775DM3GGTX1080GSYNC.zip ps: I personally would like to make the modded vBIOS public, however if the editor wishes then I will not share it.
  5. fejerm

    P775DM3-G EC

    Hey all! I have updated my EC to 1.05.03 and 2nd EC to 1.05.02 and I seem to get a strange throttling when the VGA is being used (no problem if only CPU is stressed). Can someone please send me the factory 2nd EC? (1.05.01) I was able to acquire the factory EC 1.05.02, however the problem did not get fixed after flashing it back, something is wrong with the 2nd EC. Thank you!
  6. New bios is out! 1.05.09 I wonder what is "OC" item?... 1. System BIOS for P775DM1(-G) only. 2. Support “Fn + d + power button load BIOS defaults” function. (need to update EC to 1.05.03 or later) 3. Update Intel micro code. 4. Update ME to 5. Add “OC” item. 6. Refer to readme.txt to update BIOS.
  7. Does anyone else experience microstuttering if the FPS goes under 50 and G-Sync is active? Also, does anyone else experience this weird aftershadow in Rise of the Tomb Raider if DX12 is active ? Also, could someone please save the stock vBIOS for GTX980 for me and send it over ? My vBIOS is, is there a newer version? I have checked reviews of this laptop and none of them had this bios...or this is the latest one ?
  8. fejerm

    [email protected] 2016

    Any news on the response time of this new 120 mhz panel ? The currently used LP173WF4-SPD1 and LP173WF4-SPF1 panels are good regarding color and refresh rate, but the response time (25 ms) is horrible compared to the recommended 1-5ms for gaming ... Also, will there be a way for current used to upgrade to that new panel AND keeping G-Sync working ?
  9. Does anyone have any idea how to lower the blur effect caused by the slow response time of the screen? In Rise of The Tomb Raider the blur effect isbreally annoying (no use turning it off ingame)
  10. Yea, I wish Clevo would release an UEFI BIOS with graphical ui like EVGA did for their laptop.
  11. fejerm

    [email protected] 2016

    Any chance for current P775DM1-G owners to upgrade to that new 120hz screen ? Or the connector + design is so different which will not make it backward compatyble?
  12. The cause was outdated EDID. (maybe even the SPD1 was white listed too) PCS changed my screen to another SPF1 and G-Sync is working again now.
  13. Thanks! Could you please also create an INF file for me with moninfo? Thanks!
  14. Screenshot of the BIOS: Here is my EDID: I am currently using Prema modified OC vBIOS. I am trying to download the modified EDID which Prema made, but the download does nto start. Can anyone upload it to to somewhere else? I will also try to flash the EDID with an SPF1 screen EDID. Really annoying that I have to go through this to get G-Sync working...or I have to RMA and wait a month again.
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