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  1. which compound you mean? you can use all of them but be careful that ultra liquid is electrical... you must use it on copper heatsink and cpu or gpu die surface... just them... use a little bit...
  2. Congratulations my friend... i'm really happy for you...
  3. sorry, did you create one for yourself? i mean dual psu...
  4. hi yes you can... look for threads about "ini" configure... watch this video for installing:
  5. yes my friend, you can... just please add this text in the end of your thread: (source:more from overclockers.co) because that is not all my experience...
  6. actually Liquid Ultra is better but may whasted one package in a round using... you don't need to change it since 6 months... and of course maybe more expensive from the others. but it costs... compare pics: before liquid ultra: after liquid ultra:
  7. i tried older versions too but same problem... and in bios(of AMDs) i can't change fan speed...
  8. if your cpu heatsink is triple, NO... otherwise you must put a triple heatsinke for reduce heat... then u can use 3rd generation intel CPUs... this is triple one for m17x:
  9. hello everybody i want to use hwinfo for GPUS and CPU fans speed. but there is just fan 1&2 in hwinfo. when i use manual or custom auto the GPU fans work together. i haven't any option for CPU fan speed or one by one GPU fans. what can i do? how can i control the fans separately ? i have three fans in my system physically: GPU1 GPU2 CPU pic from hwinfo:
  10. Thermal paste round-up hi to all here we have range of thermal pastes to test. (you can download all pictures in attachment) Akasa AK-455 Thermal Compound: Akasa AK-460 High Performance Thermal Compund (3.5g): Alpenföhn "Snow Cannon" Thermalpaste (1.5g): Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound (4g): Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Compound (4g): Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (3.5g): Arctic Silver Alumina Thermal Paste (1.75g): Arctic Silver Céramique 2 Thermal Paste (2.7g): Cooler Master IC-Essential E1 Thermal Paste: Cooler Master IC-Essential E2 Thermal Paste: Cooler Master IC-Value V1 Thermal Paste: Coollaboratory Liquid Pro Liquid Metal Thermal Paste: Dimastech HTX-EE Thermal Grease - Enthusiast Edition (3.5g): Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Cutting Edge Thermal Compound (3.5g): IC Diamond 24-Carat Thermal Compound (4.8g): IC Diamond 7-Carat Thermal Compound (1.5g): Prolimatech PK-1 Nano Thermal Compound (5g): Prolimatech PK-2 Nano Aluminium Thermal Paste (1.5g): Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Aluminium Thermal Paste - (1.5g): Xigmatek PTI-G3606 Thermal Grease - (3g): Test Setup: i5 3570K @4.5GHz (45X multi and using 1.4Vcore) Each paste was applied using a rice grain sized blob in the center of the CPU's heatspreader... the testing was done on similar days. Spread-ability: The Coolaboratory Liquid Pro doesn't work at all well when trying to use the CPU cooler to spread it using pressure, instead the instructions say to spread a small blob around the surface using a cotton bud or similar until the surface is like a mirror, it behaves like Mercury metal at all times and I didn't like it at all, the fact I got it to spread at all means it doesn't receive a 0. Idle temperatures: Idle temps were recorded after leaving the PC alone for 15 mins and then the minimum temperature of all four cores added up and divided by the number of cores to give the average. Load temperatures: Load temps were recorded in a similar method after running Prime95 for 15 minutes, the maximum temps were again just added up and divided by the number of cores. and the last resualt to buy a perfect thing: Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra: Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra VS Coollaboratory Liquid Pro: so, buy a Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra and relax for years... (source:more from overclockers.co) attachment(pics): https://www.mediafire.com/?56vi7t23n46izqk
  11. the problem was heatsink... i bought one Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra 1.5ml... maybe next week i will share pictures of putting liquid on CPU and GPUs.. (in this post or a new one) attention: you can use any liquid (silver or none silver) in your alinware but care that the liquid does not touch any electrical surface...
  12. hi to all i want to use "coollaboratory liquid ultra" for my CPU and GPU... but the question is: can i use that? the heatsinks support that? they said that we can't use liquid ultra for aluminium heatsinks... what kind of material(for CPU and GPU heatsink) alienware(dell) uses in laptops? please guide me to be sure about using... thanks (information about thermal paste+benchmark: http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware/7460-tested-all-thermal-paste-range-best-them.html)
  13. hi every one i have m18xr1. the graphics card are 2 6970m. i want to upgrade it. can i replace 6970m CF with 780m gtx SLI or 8970m CF? except the cards, is there any need to change anything else? plz help thanks
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