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  1. There are people who work to lower the voltage of the graphics card, you could try
  2. I'm afraid you need a reballing, I could never solve it, I thought I could solve it by lowering the voltage of the card, but even so, what I was doing was disabling the 1070 and using the intel card, nor with the help of our baked I could solve the failure. If you have the computer warranty, I recommend that you use it
  3. I have a small problem with the gtx 1070 of my laptop P650RS, I need a modified vbios to lower the frequency or the administration of power, because if I use the laptop connected and I want to render videos, or something that stresses the card, it presents me a BSOD Thank you!
  4. I have already done it and nothing, I do not know what it can be, I would like to download the modded bios but I still can not have the privileges to do it.
  5. when I use the dGPU. I can use the iGPU connected to the A / C while the dGPU does not, I get BSOD that says video_tdr_failure nvlddmkm.sys
  6. Greetings, I have a p650rs and I have this little problem that I can not play in MRHYBRID mode, only if the charger is connected, and I do not see high quality videos or play if it is in discret mode, if the A / C is connected. Any idea what it could be? I have the latest version of Bios and ECF I've been looking for custom-made Vbios but I can not find anything. Thank you
  7. I have the original laptop charger, I wanted to see if it was bios problem so I updated it to the latest version and nothing, so I want to deal with a custom bios or a vbios custom of the Gtx 1070 8gb Mobile
  8. I was trying different options to find a temporary solution, I got to put it in Discret mode (so I'm always using the dedicated card) and reached a point that the screen went off without having it connected (there was thought to be the video card that was damaged) try to install the bios updates, and it did not work, try to install the vga bios of the card, and nothing, I'm waiting for a response from Eluktronics, if not, use the laptop as multimedia I've even tried to make UnderClock to the gpu and nothing I need help please!!!
  9. I really need this since I have the problem this one of the blue screen, would be the solution of this?
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