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  1. check the hw Id to match the hw ID of your gpu. I know you had it right, but check again. (when going from a gsync bios to a non gsync bios the hw id of the gpu changes)
  2. To be honest I have no idea what bios works for you, maybe @Baked or @Klem Knows. With the vbios, I would advise you to be careful, just you have optimus, but still dont forget to make a backup of your current vbios BTW: post a picture of inside of your laptop and show me which ones you thought are the 3 extra VRAMS
  3. runix18

    clevo P870DM-G

    Hope to see ur work soon, you the man.
  4. What u are talking about is one of the system`s EC, nothing to do with the bios. The bios is 5.03, and has to have 8 mb ( if its with the me) or around 5.2 mb if its only the main part bios. If you download the bios from the link(not stock the other one), you will see that the bake.b2 (meaning the bios itself) it`s around 5.2 mb (wich is the corect size). download, run flash.bat in windows, that`s it ure done. Do not flash the EC`s (especially if you DO NOT KNOW what u are doing), a bad EC flash means bricked mobo, so.... no no in ur case. PS: explain more the problems u are having with it. ( in detail)
  5. From what reseler is your laptop coming from? I see u are based in Canada, is your laptop an Eurocom one? I so, you can ask them for a unlocked bios, or if u are sure of what u are doing, u can flash this one aswel.
  6. Hope that BAKED has a solution for us.
  7. No gsync in windows, coz is not a gsync bios (bye bye gsync cookies from bios). Funny enough after i flashed the bios i had to reinstall gpu drivers coz i had none (the hardware ID of the gpu`s was somehow changed. The nvidia official driver did not work, so i had to install moded drivers) PS: does somewhere in bios exists an option to enable gsync?
  8. Hi BAKED, flashed your bios for the CLEVO P870DM-G v 2.0, and I realized I have no more Gsync after. Restarted, entered bios and saw that the bios version is 1.05.08, but from what i know the last bios for the G model is 1.05.07, is it possible to have a bios version 2.0 for the Gsync model of the P870DMG ? THX. PS: Everything other than gsync works flawlessly.
  9. runix18

    Solder sli conector to gtx 1060n

    bump 2x 1060 mxm sli hack (software driver) Is it possible?
  10. Hi BAKED, I have did a Firmware update to my Clevo P870DM-G to patch meltdown and spectre flaws in the ME, with Prema`s tool. Now my Intel Management Engine Version is Is there any chanche that by flashing your bios mod 2.0 for p870dm-g, to brick the machine? What version of ME has your bios got? After flashing will it be possible to patch again the lastest version of ME?
  11. runix18

    Enable Intel graphics on P870TM1G BIOS?

    Correct me if i`m wrong, but the tm1 like all the p870 models suffers from the same hardware mux not being present, resulting in a black screen once u enable the IGPU. The IGPU being disconected at a hardware level.

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