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  1. BasedKnight

    P770DM-G 980M Won't Boot

    I suppose that is possible. The original card died due to MOSFET failure. One failed, so I removed it and the card ran on the remaining 2 for awhile (just had to reduce the clocks to avoid black screens when running demanding games), then the remaining ones eventually burned out. I was sure it was something up with the vBIOS since I purchased the replacement from China, but I guess there is no way to know for sure if it's board related until I'm able to test another 980M.
  2. BasedKnight

    P770DM-G 980M Won't Boot

    The motherboard should be ok. I since managed to get the laptop to boot to Windows but there is no video. I've been attempting to blind flash a stock 980M vBIOS using these instructions, , but with no luck. It fails everytime. Since I have no video, I enabled logging through nvflash and the error I get everytime in the log file is 'no nvidia display adapter detected'. I also get 2 beeps after Step 9, but according to the instructions it should only beep once when the flash is successful. It seems that the card and the laptop itself are both working there is just some incompatibility some where.
  3. BasedKnight

    P770DM-G 980M Won't Boot

    I recently purchased a replacement 980M (Clevo model) for my P770DM-G after the original died, however, after installing the card the laptop doesn't boot. I only get a black screen, and after a couple minutes the fans spin to max before shutting down, which is the same thing that happens when I try to boot it without any gpu at all. I've tried the reset procedure, unplugging, removing battery, and removing CMOS, to no avail. It does beep before shutting down (I counted 22 times exactly). Anyone have any insight as to what the problem is?

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