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  1. Hi all, It has been a while since I did anything to my laptop (Clevo P670RG-G) and since I recently got a VR Headset I wish I could overclock my GPU a little. So far the NVidia software (on windows) doesn't allow me to overclock it (the linux sort of allows, which some custom Xorg options) so I decided to give a try modding the vbios. I read all sorts of issues / guides about it, and it seens that the hardware topology (where the vbios is stored and how things are connected) changes from machine to machine. What I know about my laptop is that it has two VBios, one for Hybrid Mode and one for Discrete Mode. I'm currently running the discrete mode. I dumped my VBios using GPU-z and opened up in Maxwell II Bios Tweaker. Everything seens fine so far. So I have few questions about it: - There is a way to just unlock the VBios to show the overclocking options in NVidia software? (That way I dont need to reflash to change clocks) - I can just flash this GPU-z dump to my VBios? - If I brick my GPU, that GPU-z dumped image is the raw SPI image, so if I managed to physically access the VBios, I can just reflash over it? - I saw some people saying that I might need as well to flash the main laptop bios as well, is that really needed? Thanks! Lucas
  2. I was waiting for prema to release a Unlocked BIOS for my Clevo P671RG-G but I think he never release. Do you have a Unlocked bios for that Clevo Laptop? The P670RS/RP6G would work? I usually reverse engineer things by myself, but I have no idea how I would start with computer BIOS. Thanks!
  3. I bought a Avell Titanium G1746 V3X Fire that is a Clevo P671RG-G. As I saw on Prema Mod website, there is no P6XXRE firmwares for it, just P6XXSG and P6XXSE models. Since mine uses a different chipset (HM170), different processor (Skylake 6820HK), I assume that the SG/SE versions will brick my device. Considering so, is there any way I can help? I have software / hardware rev. engineering skills (not bottom to the BIOS level, but I already did driver level hacks).
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