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  1. Wouldnt it be better to sell your laptop and buy an i7 version back ? Could save you alot of time and effort, as you still need to buy an processor, you could better buy an laptop with it, solving compatibility problems right away. I personaly should save myself the effort of upgrading.
  2. Rust is really the way to go, even tough they are still updating it is really an awesome game. The possibilities are endless, and i suggest playing it in a group, raiding and stuff is really nice.
  3. Issn't it possible to route the traffic trough the network card to the wan card?
  4. The same problem for me, and at first it is really irritating as my network card broke down, now i need an week of waiting before i can download my necessary files. Well.. i guess there is not much more to do than waiting...
  5. It's a bummer for me as my wireless card has broken down, is it possible for someone to put all the files on a dropbox like location ?
  6. Synology all the way, but with the hardware you have you could try XPEenology, you can put the synology on your own hardware!
  7. You could look into range extenders, the new versions nowadays are not that bad at all anymore.
  8. Ex1Lee

    Failing drivers

    The default drivers from the Nvidia website doesn't solve the problem either ? You seem to download them only from the Dell website
  9. Redownload it and place it all on the desktop, if not maybe you could try an fresh installation ?
  10. I don't know how long you are working with computers yet, but way earlier you had the yellowish/white keyboards (in the 90ties) those were mechanical 2, me personally find them to expensive for now to buy, my Logitech G15 still suits me wel.
  11. You could consider port forwarding ? That might solve the problem. www.portforwarding.com for more information
  12. Well the link you posted doesn't really say much, its just an bunch of common commands used. Maybe you could seek into an external organisation that could manage ur network infrastructure ? As i don't live at you're location it is hard for me to say what to do. My personal opinion says that you should outsource it, for me it seems there is to less knowledge of the network infrastructure.
  13. I really suggest watching in the Alienware laptops, as said above they suit your wishes and there are really good quality. I can say my classmate has one for about 4 years now, not any problem or weird reboot yet.
  14. If you wanna get the downloads you need to watch the first message you receive it specifically says the following: In summary: New user account promotion system that views your level of quality activity on these forums over a span of 1 week with a minimum of 5 QUALITY posts. Once you have sufficient activity over this week, your account is flagged for moderator review. At that time you will get promoted as long as you had quality posts and didn't violate forum rules (e.g. spam posts, one liners, file begging, complaining etc.). Apart from a few odd members that break the aforementioned rules, almost everyone is guaranteed a promotion. If you do not wish to wait for this promotion queue, you can simply opt for T|I Elite Membership to skip ahead and get your account promoted as long as the membership lasts. Attempting to circumvent the aforementioned rules may result in an infraction and/or ban. Please review our terms of service.
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