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  1. wirus551

    Failing drivers

    I already gave up, but okay I try Tried 3Dmark 11, overclocked gpu did not fail, now I try 3Dmark So I used 3Dmark, firestrike which is for high performance pc and no crash, when I started skydiver which is for gaming laptops and mid-pc, demo freezed and sound continued, I had to hard shutdown my laptop but in eventviewer there is no information if drivers failed. I tried skydiver again but not overclocked and it did not freeze. Used crysis 1 benchmark, drivers failed too, so yes gpu is simply old.
  2. wirus551

    Failing drivers

    Hm, maybe you are right, I will do some testing, and see results. Damn I don't like the real possibility that my gpu is really failing, some games, like Dead space have no problem, assasin creed 3 and TESO fails after minute.... damn I think you are right, repasted gpu and cpu, nothing, reinstall drivers for intel hd and gt650, from dell site, still crashed when overclocked.
  3. wirus551

    Failing drivers

    I am always downloading drivers from nvidia website, I always nearly instantly install new update when it is possible. Firstly I thought that some new drivers are making troubles, but no, I used old 353.xy drivers which were supposed to be hotfix for overclocking, but no, i still crashed. Yesterday I dismantle laptop and found out that thermal paste is dry, and there is like none paste on the place where it is supposed be, paste is out of that place. So I cleaned gpu and cpu, applied new thermal paste and I will test if that will help.
  4. wirus551

    Failing drivers

    Hello, this i my first topic. I need a help with my GPU and drivers. I have Dell Inspiron 7720 with GT 650m GDDR5, I7 3630qm, 8GB ram. When i bought this laptop i had windows 7, a12 version of bios and now i have a17 and Windows 10, both bioses were not modded. I was using msi afterburner for three years to overclock, had no problem, sometimes drivers failed but not that often as recent. Now, when playing some games like skyrim, elder scroll online and ac3, drivers after few minutes fails and I can't find out why. What I tried: re-flash bios again, playing with default stats, reinstall win 10 to clean install, install win 7, install back win 10, reinstall drivers(clean instalation + DDU), installed all drivers from dell, nothing helped. I am using GPUz to watch frequency and temp, everything is good, gpu temps are around 70c, not higher, frequency will not drop while drivers fails, ram is okay as well. There are some games like crusader kings, europa universalis 4, dead space 3 or dayz, american truck where drivers will not fail. Can you please help me to identify the problem? I don't know where to ask, i tried another forum where they can't help me. If I forget something, just tell.
  5. Hi, Wirus from Slovakia! I own my dear Dell Inspiron 7720 with GT650m which I hope you will help me to overclock it a little bit more
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