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  1. So I recently built a pfsense box. I'm having issues with the wifi network card (I use wifi as wan, long story), and want to know what hardware you all use. I have an Intel 7260 pci-e half height card, but BSD doesn't support that card yet.
  2. What card did you upgrade to? I have a 7260 waiting for an install.
  3. Howdy. hbar98 here! I'm interested in computer hardware, and have started dabbling in more advanced networking stuff. Just recently built a pfsense box. Overkill? Probably. But heck of a thing to tinker with. I currently have a y500 that I'm going to do the BIOS mod. I have an Intel wifi card waiting in the wings. Have a good one!
  4. I do a lot of brown bagging. The wife and I are so close to being debt free we can almost taste it! By the end of this year everything will be paid off! Not a bad place for a bi-vocational preacher and a kindergarten teacher to be in, let me tell you!
  5. Yikes! Thanks for the info! I'm looking to upgrade my y500. While I don't have many issues with distance (I live in a small place), this is still good info...
  6. Haha! Well, I've had this laptop for a while. I don't suppose waiting another week or so will make much of a difference. I applaud them for finding a new revenue stream. Unfortunately for them, I'm a bit of a tightwad.
  7. Well, I guess I'll start posting so I can download the files! Been meaning to do this for a while, seeing now that I have the wifi card from part of a pfsense box I was building that needs to be put to use, I need to get the files. Hope the mods smile down on me and let me download in a reasonable time!
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