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  1. bpendz

    Y500 PXE screen

    I can not seem to disable it, but I changed its priority on the list. It does go away when I have an Ethernet cable plugged in.
  2. bpendz

    Y500 PXE screen

    So every time I cold boot I have to CTRL/ALT/DELETE because it trys to forever boot PXE (Intel) I took it off bios but doesn't change anything. Any help!
  3. Seems fine now. Thanks! ha
  4. Just been not busy at work to come back to the forums. I am going to try a few things, even take it apart and take a gander at the board (I am comfortable doing this) It isn't a huge deal just a pain in the arse.
  5. So I have a bios modded, (vbios also) y500. 120gb msata, and 256gb ssd. I was thinking of selling. It is a 12gb. What could I get for it, been a desk dweller. Want to go back to desktops.
  6. Not an option, as I work from home, and this is all I have. May just have to take a look at it next weekend.
  7. Ok so this y500 stays on my desk, never moved, use the ports for a mouse, and a external sometimes. Other 2.0 is for my headset for work. The port next to the hdmi port, will give errors, mouse sometimes will go wanky, so I have to use the other port (works fine) however wont work so well if something is plugged in to the affected port. Wtf could be causing this? Did it rip a cable, is it not grounded properly? Please help there are few ports as is lol.
  8. Well it took all weekend but i took ubuntu 13.10 , loaded it on a old gateway media pc, with a single core 1gb, loaded a NTFS usb external got it mounted with correct permissions, installed webmin, plex, ssh. Albeit it isn't the most beautiful setup, I have all computers/wifi devices communicating with it, seeing it as a samba server, plex streams to all media devices (not tv yet as i have no client for the tv). What do you all recommend for a solid performing media server/storage? I am intermediate with linux, mostly google educated and self learning. I know hardware good, but I am not sure what would be good? I am upgrading my network over the next few moths to all /ac standard and gigabit routing, eventually I will move this desktop up to the router area and not on wifi. (if I can get the eth drivers to recognize the device). Let me know what your media server is running, that way I can gauge what I may move to. I work in the hosting industry so may be able to pull a lowcost dual quad core, with a few 1tb drives in it. Those things are just so damn load even if tucked away.
  9. Yeah well I run DSL, but even on DSL i cant stay connected to work! I use a vpn and voip..... Updated the drives, a bit better. But I just ordered wideband business class cable. I need to upgrade this and the router and wanted to go ac! Thanks guys. Ill report once I get probably in a month or so.
  10. You heard it, this thing sucks, and does drop out and after all this time assumed it was the router. Well I have an unlocked bios, can I use any mSATA wlan for an intel board? I game plus work from home. I don't have wideband but will upgrade to 50mbps business connection when we move.
  11. Back up your BIOS for sure. There is a tut in this to do it. I don't use the exact tools they do here but the files I do. All about user preference.
  12. You are 100% correct. I just explained it in layman's terms. It will work if you flash them correctly. However a 650m with a 750m wont work, you would have to flash one or the other.
  13. btw this isn't possible. If you put two cards in the same family 6xx then yes, but the faster card downclocks to the slower one. But you can't cross sli 6xx with 7xx. Unless you flashed the 700 to be a 600 series. Which is foolish.
  14. mSATA for os/programs. Mine boots fast, but i keep games on the platter. I may go to a 512gb SSD though when the money allows.
  15. The y500 is no reasonable "laptop" for gaming, I mean without AC atleast. lol trust me 2 hours. and its deaddddddd.
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