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  1. never mind, you were supposed to open the program first.
  2. The biosfixer is not working for me. It is not outputting the file, even though i have dragged the bios backup already. Could someone please help?
  3. I have a laptop, and the keyboard on it is relatively good, probably the best laptop keyboard there is (a lenovo one, if you have used lenovo laptop keyboards before), and i am thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard. I will be doing a fair amount of typing, so i am thinking blue or green, but is a good keyboard really worth the 100+ dollars?
  4. Of course sennheisers! also, check out audio technica, they are pretty good too.
  5. I only have a laptop with an 17 4700mq and gtx755m (y410p) Its good for now...
  6. How much is your budget? Video cards vary in price by a lot.
  7. Linustech likes the long display format better than 4k
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