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  1. Bizeek

    MSI Laptop Fan Control

    For latest BIOS for GT70 ivy bridge? MS-1762 1.0 Motherboard? or is it working more for GT70 MS-1763 motherboard?
  2. I bought a CLEVO GTX 780M card from eBay, from Hong Kong. I did research for NVIDIA VBios flasher, and flashed MSI GTX 780M vBios into the CLEVO vBios after making vBIOS backup for the Clevo. And it works good right now. Before flashing, the Clevo card would not install correct Nvidia drivers and will not be able to start. After flash vBios, drivers installed and CS:GO works for me. If you can find a Clevo card or the original MSI GTX580m card, it be best to save you some headache to not buy the Alienware card if you have found the info that it's not compatible with the MSI board even after flashing vBIOS. Keep watching for the cards, since one day/one week it will pop up from a seller which sell the card cheaper. I waited 4 months for price of GTX 780m to reach the price I wanted and then purchased. I thought my 870M card was the culprit of my laptop just suddenly shut off when on aftermarket battery, but turns out, it's the battery is the problem and not the videocard(s) I have tried. If you upgrade card, make sure you can still use the original heatsink, which there is a huge thread on upgrading each different videocard in that series, and update your bios to latest possible. Keep doing research is my only valuable advice. I went from 770M > 870M > then 780M for my current card. All these cards, I was able to use the same C heatsink that matches the card layout.
  3. If you are going to change out the motherboard with a more recent one, I think the max you can do is the MS-17631 motherboard. I am using a MS-17621 1.0 motherboard, and I found that if I plug in the 2nd hdd connector that is, example: MS-17611 or ms-16f2 or ms-16f3 hdd connector, the motherboard will not turn on at all (the circuit on the hdd connector daughterboard is slightly different circuit for the motherboard to understand). So if you do upgrade the motherboard to a MS-17621 1.0 or 1.1 for example, you have to buy the hdd connector of the same series that start with MS-1762(x) like: MS-1762A which is the HDD Connector. This HDD connector is the bottom most daughter board that sits right under the palmrest. MS-1762C which is the HDD Connector next to the MXM video graphics card, I use this one for my main Samsung SSD EVO 850 500GB. This connector can be swapped for the RAID card. MS-1762D is the touchpad and click connector and the front 5 LED status lights. MS-1762E is the USB 2.0 Connector MS-1762F is the SATA DVD-RW/BluRay extender. This part is compatible across all of the motherboards, since it only extends the SATA Circuit. So basically if you do change the motherboard, to a more newer generation, but keeping that chassis, it would be more practical and money saving way to pretty much replace that board with the same exact version you see printed on the board. 1.0 or 1.1. MS-17631 board you can keep: Videocard heatsink or upgrade heatsink with the card. Keep the CPU cooler pipe, and SATA extender for DVD writer. But you will have to drill into the rear chassis to accommodate the display port connector, since that is the one different from your current board and MS-17621. I also learned the hard way of buying a 2.0/2.1 board for my GT70, which originally has the 1.0 board. When I got the 2.0 board, the Boot up logo showed up MEDION instead, and the CPU cooler did not support the fan as I originally thought it would. The CPU would go to 90C and the fan still stayed the same quiet speed. I got rid of the board since my components did not match that board, which was a whitebook board. So yes, version does matter, and don't try to up a version from 1.0/1.1 to 2.0/2.1, you will waste money and time.
  4. I am currently using AU Optronics B173HW01 V.5 17.3'' Matte LCD Screen you can use B173HW01 V4 version also, but it is much more expensive and the highest gamut quality screen offered by AU Optronics (that work in GT70 laptop.) I have done much research to compare the two. But my screen came from a Dell Laptop, and was purchased on ebay for low price ( got a deal! ) and have been using the screen to do photoshop work, and it's working well. V4 (better contrast, glossy): AUO B173HW01 V4 Overview - Panelook.com V5 (average contrast, non-glossy): AUO B173HW01 V5 Overview - Panelook.com
  5. I myself have just installed Clevo 780M into GT70 17621 motherboard. It seem working good since flashed Clevo card with MSI vBIOS from TechPowerUp. But playing CS GO, I have some slow downs in parts of the map. FPS goes from 13 and 60 max. Up and down, depending on where while playing. My BIOS where it say ME under system information, has nothing. Is the EC firmware not present? and plus We never got an update from JGrimm, post above me, so i guess, ...........Dead Thread revival with this post? I am about to try to use Itzzent's 1762 EC firmware package posted 3rd post down from top. Update: T24 EC Firmware updated successfully in Win 7 64bit. Changed EC firmware V5.06 to T24
  6. Webcam numbers: S1F-0005100-B36 BN29M6SK1-330 114610B These numbers are taken off of my webcam. May match compatibility if it's same connector.
  7. I think the GT70 webcam is same one doe GS70 also. If you are positive that it is the webcam board itself then it be a simple swap, but check the continuity of the webcam wire first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Grab the hardward ID from the hardware properties and post, or take a picture snap of the card and post it to see if it really is an MSI card. Mine works with Win7Home 64bit, i pre-installed the drivers before installing my card and its worked great so far.(but no more gaming on it, only for Video editing now. Been 2 months for me already.
  9. (UPDATE) June 9,2016 - CPRS guys cannot fix it and are being sketchy wanting to send it back to me, they messaged me saying to cone pick it up. These guys have the indian accent the last time i talked to them over the phone. I am trying to get them to ship it back to me asap. I have sent the whole laptop to CPRS in Miami for repair, i sent it last week. Hopefully they would have a good look at it and determine why the videocard fried the display part of the mainboard, causing the no display or boot up.
  10. do you still have this heatsink?? can we know the numbers of the sticker on the top side of the heatsink? is the number like.....E310406580Y3100 ??
  11. Disclaimer: Apologies for long post. Hello everyone(active), I have a possible huge problem with my GT70 MS-17621 ver 1.0 motherboard as I believe the GTX 680M videocard has fried the onboard video circuit of the motherboard(mobo). The mobo did work fine before after taking out thr videocard, but came with problem of the fan blowing 100% after few seconds starting up from power button press. After trying to get the videocard to work/post (without consulting any forums,at the time), I tried to make the card work again by installing back in 5 or more times in span of 1 hour. After fifth time install card back in, then take out the card, the system will not ever post anymore, the power LED will not change from white to orange anymore and nothing will post on screen display. I have tried to do blind flash of unlocked bios method but spamming pressing keys Ctrl+Home, (Ctrl+FN+PageUp)(even Shift variation) to no avail in beeps or changes in status. I believe now the issue has resided to hardware IC chip failure on the motherboard since it will not ever post anymore, with or without the videocard installed. what I am afraid now is to install new(used) videocard MSI GTX770M 3GB card in, and the motherboard could also fry up the new videocard also. I have dealt with a non-working GT70 laptop for this past month now and been reading all threads in this MSI category for solution but it seems no one has come across this problem, from dead videocard also make the mobo die along with it after a couple of more tests for any signs of electronic life. If someone can chime in about which area on the motherboard can be the problem, I would like to try and diagnosis+troubleshoot why this is happening. So, basically signs of life from MS-17621 motherboard are: Pressing Turbo, Fan, Backlight, Monitor buttons on trim panel = lights up/or fades out keyboard backlight lights up all white after pressing backlight button, pressing second time and third time turns off backlight sections and off. battery charging still works for good battery, battery light lights up when 180w ACadapter is plugged in. After about 30-45 seconds without pressing turbofan button, the fan kicks into high RPM mode and when pressing Turbo button after, the fan will not change speed and stay on high. Power button LED will remain white and never change to orange. No error code beeps ever come out of speakers since problem happened, and will not beep for blindflash attempt. I truly need the help, just knowing I bought this laptop back in December 2012 for $2,300 makes me feel this GT70 needs CPR rescue to come back to life, either by a certified gaming laptop technician or by MSI support, it has worked very well up till this past month.
  12. Please keep this post updated. I am wondering why you decide to use up $870USD to upgrade your card to GTX980 for that much? So expensive price just to upgrade!?
  13. Bizeek

    MSI Laptop Fan Control

    in my situation right now, the discrete gpu also killed my onboard intell gpu also. the gt70-0nc laptop will not post, upon pressing the power button, the button will remain white led color, instead of changing to orange, the fan will immediately start spinning at normal noise, instead of a delay before turning to max speed. it does take a good more than 30 seconds to start gradually spin up. i was wondering to make a separate thread about this if my situation cannot be helped by using blind flash and flashing in the unlocked bios. i would like to blind flash the stock bios in first before trying the unlocked bios. the motherboard seems fine with charging, led lighting the keyboard up, the trim panel buttons light up when pressing it(fade into orange or fading out of it). UPDATE/EDIT: I've given upon the dead motherboard MS-17621 ver. 1.0 that died because of the GTX 680M fry-out. I have since ordered myself 2 replacement motherboards of the same (ordered a 2nd one for extra/backup) and will sell the old motherboard off for parts either on here in the forum or on eBay. The motherboard still charges & white LED's of the keyboard also come up when pressing the function key beside the power button. New replacement motherboard works good and I will proceed to flash the unlock BIOS to it. The replacement board cost me $223.00 shipped from China.
  14. Bizeek

    MSI Laptop Fan Control

    I would love to know this as well. It would be a big help for many who have dead gpus who are waiting to have funds for a new videocard.
  15. Did you get any progress with this problem?
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