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  1. Hi again guys, I have one of those GT783R that disappeared from market very quickly, and one that is probably a lemon. I've tried to replace the processor and the video card so far and the computer still turns off after 3 or 4 minutes. In fact, it's strange because the BIOS shows GT780 instead of GT783R. My guess now is that I have to replace the motherboard. However, I can't find a spare motherboard for GT783R. I know it's a MS-17611 motherboard, so can I just buy a MS-17611 motherboard or does it have to have other specs to be compatible? Also, I noticed that there is a ver 1.0 and ver 1.1. Is there a difference between them? Anyone willing to help me? Please????? Best, Amid
  2. Hi all, I'm doing a small project to try to resurrect my GT783R (MS-16711) and I'd like some advice. I'd like to replace the video card as I suspect it is where lies the issue. When I went to eBay to look for spare cards, I noticed that a new GTX580M for Alienware costs around 130.00 while a pre-owned one for MSI costs about 250.00. After researching a bit, I found that the vbios from Alienware is not compatible with the one from MSI. So here is my question, is it possible to flash the MSI vbios into an Alienware card? I suspect so but I'd like confirmation from someone with experience. Also, assuming it works, will flashing the vbios be the only procedure needed or do I have to do something else? Peace, Amid
  3. Thanks, Bloetschkopf. Now, I'm considering my options, either to repair this computer, or to buy a new one. Right now, these are the specs: Processor: i7 2670QM Mainboard: MS-1761 Bios: AMI E1761MS V3.0H Memory: 12 GB DDR3 1333 Videocard: GTX 580M (from MSI / GF114, A1) Wireless: Centrino Wireless-N 130 Some additional questions, if you can help me: - Before investing some money in it, I'd like to confirm that the issue is indeed in the video card and not in the motherboard. I'm asking that because, if I remember well, this computer switches between nvidia and intel graphics card depending on the application, and it turns off even when using MS-Word, for example, with the intel card. If I take the nvidia video card out, would the computer still work using only the intel graphics card? This way I could know for sure if the problem is in the video card and not in the motherboard. - In addition the the upgrades in the video card, can other specs be upgraded as well? For example, I believe this motherboard supports higher frequency than 1333 RAM. Could the processor and Wireless card be replaces as well? - Assuming the problem is in the motherboard, can I just replace it for a similar one? I'm asking that because in this site (http://www.super-laptop-parts.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=ms-1761&inc_subcat=0&sort=20a&page=4) there are many similar motherboards but I'm not sure if they will fit the laptop case. The OFFICIAL part number of my motherboard is 607-17611-07S, but I can't found this exact model. Will any MS-17611 board fit in the notebook? - When you say I need a video card with MSI Vbios, does it means I have to look for a compatible videocard from MSI or can the bios be flashed in other brands? Again, thank you.
  4. I have an MSI GT783R that is defective (turns off randomly) and now that I moved to US, I found out that it may be possible to repair/upgrade it. Since I'm relatively new in DIYing laptops, I have couple questions that I believe someone here may be able to answer. Below: - I noticed that this model is something related to MS-1761. What exactly is this? A type of notebook? A barebone (I think the word for this is barebook?)? A model that is similar to this one? Everytime I look for it I got motherboards, notebooks, bios all referring to this MS-1761. Can someone clarify this to me? - I suspect the issue may be with the motherboard (long story: when I was playing DA2 in a external monitor, I closed the computer and put it in a location that ended up overheating it and it turned off. After this incident, the computer turns off randomly, even when not playing anything). Can I replace the motherboard with one from some other model (called MSI and they don't have a spare one anymore). I have other questions but they are dependent on the answers of these two. Your help is greatly appreciated. Amid
  5. When does the computer shut down? Randomly or when you are playing games? If just when playing games, try to compare between games that uses directx11 and directx9. I suspesct that some video cards are coming with problems when playing directx11 games.
  6. Hi, I am currently with a very annoying problem with my laptop: it is rebooting when I play a Directx11 game and only Directx11. By elimination, I excluded temperature, Bios Version (30H), OS (W7x64), Defective AC Adapter (ordered a new one from ebay), tried the EC reset and neither of this worked. I found the problem when I started playing Witcher 2 again and it didn't reboot. To confirm my suspicions, I downloaded Heaven Benchmark 4 to stress test my computer. Nothing happen when using Directx9 but it always reboots after 5 minutes under DIrectx11. After that I started looking in the internet about problems in mine specific video card and found that many other users were having problems with GTX 580/580M when running games that used Directx11; they were raising the voltage in the card to go around the problem so I believe my problem is kind of related. Can anyone help me here in what should I do to solve this problem? What can I do? Regards, Amid
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