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  1. Updating here just in case anyone comes across this in a google search in a few years. I managed to fix this problem by flashing E1763IMS.51B bios from the GT70 2PC. I followed the instructions for flashing using the UEFI boot drive. I had to modify the FLASH.NSH file in a text editor to be: AfuEfix64.efi E1763IMS.51B /p /b /n /k /r /x /recovery I also had to put FLASH.NSH, E1763IMS.51B, and startup.nsh in the same directory as the .efi files. The flash seemed to fail when it got to recovery but after rebooting my cpu wasn't throttled anymore. I then had to modify my NVidia drivers' .inf file to recognize my graphics card because the new motherboard, not being the same kind that came with the laptop, changed the hardware id of my graphics card. I just did this last night and all seems to be going well so far. Also, I found the .efi files after much frustrated google searching but the forums won't let me attach them.
  2. I have not made progress on this problem. I'm messing around with the BIOS now but using Windows is frustrating because the CPU is being capped at 110mhz. I'm having trouble flashing the linked BIOS because my current BIOS doesn't have the Update UEFI BIOS option. Update: I included a screenshot of the cpu-z window.
  3. Hello! I am new to these forums and was hoping that I would be able to get help. I have a MSI GT70 Dominator with an Intel Core i7-4800MQ and an Nvidia GTX 870m. I just recently replaced the motherboard on my laptop because the power jack had broken off. The motherboard originally in my GT70 was labelled MS-17631 VER:1.1 but the motherboard that was sent to me (it was advertised as a VER:1.1) is labelled MS-17631 VER:0a. The bios on the new motherboard mention a GT60. Anyways, I'm having problems getting my Nvidia GTX 870m to work and I believe this may be because I was sent an incorrect motherboard. The seller says the version shouldn't be an issue. Is there a significant difference between the two boards or is there another bios I should flash? Thanks for any information you can give me to help!
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