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  1. Hey all,the same exact story happened to me too. i had to force flash back 1.05.07 g-sync from clevo mirror servers to have back my g-sync option. now my bios shows "p870dm" in bios but atleast i have g-sync back. At the moment im waiting a message from @Baked . He told me once that he can make a patch to the bios in order to make g-sync work. best regards from Germany. Andy
  2. Thank you for the fast reply, i will try it today after work, do you know what are the main diferences betwen this unlocked version and Prema's? Is this Release stable? Best regards
  3. Hi all, i recently build my first budget clevo barebone(p870dm-g) with Windows 10 x64, 2x8gb ddr4 2400mhz,i5 6600k and sli gtx 780m. I was wondering if anyone could guide me in some direction to contact mr. @Prema to buy/donate for an unlocked bios. I tried already all the Websites of prema on techinferno but with no success. My current bios is original from clevo(1.05.08 stylenote). Any help would be apreciated. Best regards Andy
  4. Same here, need as fast as possible premamod for my p870dm-g. Any help is apreciated. Best regards Andy
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