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  1. mitchellpeixer


    That was awesome! I'll order a MSI 1060 from ebay to give it a shot, I'll put into my dell m6800 I hope it works like yours xD
  2. mitchellpeixer

    Alienware 17 880M upgrade to 970M

    Problem solved! http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware/8113-going-test-clevo-980m-alienware-m17x-r4-m18x-r2-aw17-146.html#post127698
  3. mitchellpeixer

    Going to test clevo 980m in alienware m17x R4, m18x R2, AW17

    You goddamn right! My system are not capable to run with optimus on, I just turned it off and EVERYTHING WORKS NOW OMG! I've tryed it before but the legacy was on I did not realized that was a problem, so now with the legacy off, I was capable to turn optimus off with no problem
  4. mitchellpeixer

    Going to test clevo 980m in alienware m17x R4, m18x R2, AW17

    Guys, Alienware 17 A14 GTX 970M (originally 880M) running Windows 8.1 UEFI, legacy off. Optimus on, 240W PSU. My card: my card id: 10DE 13D8 05AA 1028 After a fresh new installation of windows 8.1 and the modded driver 347.25 (and many others) that I downloaded here in forum I got this problem: (its a short video that shows my stuck after windows boot) http://youtu.be/MYbHl_xGjX0 https://mega.co.nz/#!4kwQQZLL!TIZGLMr7IkOUFC3xParX9z0WvsgDvGoN878p8IAbV_4 a print from safe mode: I have tested with windows 7 too and sistem boots pretty well and the driver installation are fine, but after the first restart the sistem becomes unstable and starts to freeze I'm freaking out :'(
  5. mitchellpeixer

    Alienware 17 880M upgrade to 970M

    I've tryed 347.88 347.52 for AW18 and AW17 970M/980M>.<
  6. mitchellpeixer

    Alienware 17 880M upgrade to 970M

    Up, Now the GPU is recognized in windows but when installing the driver system keeps crashing... I didn't change the vbios, just upgrade my AW17 bios to A14.
  7. Hello, My friend and I both have a alienware 17 with gtx 880m models, and we had bought on ebay one gtx 970m sli kit for both of us do an upgrade on our alienware 17. I made a huge search and I couldn't find any VBIOS with basic values ​​for our aliens. Not even overclocked also! Any owner of alienware with 970m could up the VBIOS for us? Thanks!! by the way, I forgot to mention, I had tested the VGA with the stock vbios and the alienware starts to beeps 8 times
  8. mitchellpeixer

    Msi gs70 webcam

    Well, I have a MSI GS70 Stealthpro-212 i7 4710HQ with GTX 870m and now my webcam is dead, led is on but no image :smilingface (52): I'm looking for a new one for replacement but unfortunately I could not found any Is it possible to switch for a generic camera, or any one that fits? By the way, what kind of camera should I looking for? (maybe im searching wrong)
  9. mitchellpeixer

    M18x r3 880m sli vbios

    I bought on ebay, the seller told me that it was for AW, but im not sure.
  10. Hi, thx for your reply. Well I couldnt find any dell vbios for 880m, can u upload yours?
  11. mitchellpeixer

    MSI GT70-0ND GTX 675M overheating

    doesnt work for me, when I run the flash utility, its freeze my pc o.o
  12. mitchellpeixer

    M18x r3 880m sli vbios

    thx for the reply svl7. Well, I have a AW 18 for 780M SLI, but I dont have the GPUs anymore, so I bought a 880M SLI kit from ebay and install on my AW 18. I've tested the two 880M indepententily in my MSI GT70 and its reconize on NVFLASH just find. But when a put the 880M on my AW 18 its not reconize on NVFLASH is just like the card are not attach to the mobo. NO NVIDIA DISPLAY CARD ARE FOUND (something like that). Same on Windows, only the intel graphics are show on divece manager. My AW 18 are using A10 bios version
  13. Hi J95, is it possible to get a unlocked A10 bios version for Alienware 18? ty
  14. hi, is it possible to unlock a A10 bios version from Alienware 18? because its not recognizing my 880M SLI kit
  15. mitchellpeixer

    MSI GT70-0ND GTX 675M overheating

    but I cant do anything, my gt70 just reboot >.< what do u sugest?

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