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  1. looks worth it and I'll be doing it as soon as I get my 2960xm. Pretty straight forward and easy guide as well.
  2. Yup just gonna grab a 780m to play with and a 2920xm and that should last for a couple more years. Don't wanna give the OEM's my money if I can help it right now period. Might even do a mobo swap to an r4 eventually we shall see.
  3. I was gonna buy a new laptop, But im getting to the point where this crap isn't worth trying to deal with. I'd rather just have my current slower harder hardware, than the current gimped crap being released... AMD needs to get their act together and force Nvidia's hand here.
  4. What Revison M17x do you have? You could try a blind flash possibly if you have the r3 model.
  5. Congrats on the new system dude!! I Haven't seen any 780m OC vbios's yet, but I'm sure they will be out soon.
  6. yup you can't just add pixels from no where though It would be nice if that were possible. As the other guy farther up said its 720p and up-scaling.
  7. I've heard the Coolermaster U3 is a great option as it has three adjustable fans.
  8. I'm guessing you haven't really taken your machine apart so here is a guide on how to get down to the GPU. Not hard at all. [h=2]M17x-R3 CPU & GPU Re-Pasting Guide w/Pics![/h]
  9. I don't think it is possible to do so, as the bios isn't set for a 660m? a lot of other cards have the same issue in the r3.
  10. System is running perfect right now. Tempted to maybe get my hands on either a 2920xm or a 2860qm for my folding activities and such, but its hard to justify the upgrade as I'm seriously looking at buying an M17x r5 next year. To many options!
  11. Are you still having your poor performance issues? I would update your drivers and make sure your fans and heatsinks are all cleaned out. If dust accumulates in there your temps will rise drastically and cause your GPU to throttle as I described in my previous post.
  12. Been a member here for a few months now and I had found this Forum through NBR. There are some great people here and I'm glad to be a member of this community.
  13. I picked Alienware Because they had the best available components at the time (and still pretty much do). They also have the best warranty I available on gaming machines ( NBD In home repair... In alaska no less). They also blew away the competition (Asus & Sager) in battery life (last year) which is very nice for taking notes in class or for watching movies on a long airplane flight. Now I'm a die hard Fan and Can't dream of owning a lesser system. Here's to hoping the next gen systems will be just as amazing and innovative as their previous lineups.
  14. sorry for the late reply, been rather busy these last few days. 1. What "blind flash" technique are you referring to? 2. If your having throttle issues your FPS, (or Frames Per Second) will drop and the game will visually stutter on the screen and basically become unplayable till the card cools down (usually takes a few seconds). This isn't a common occurance with the 560m though as it run's a lot cooler than the 580m. As to your FPS issues with wow, have you tried upgrading your drivers? that might help. You could also try Overclocking a bit and seeing if that helps out at all. 3. Well the 680m would more than double your GPU speed, but like you said the card is very expensive. This 6990m I got rather cheep has been running great other than the usual crappy AMD drivers. More than double the FPS of my old 460m. Hope some of this helps.
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