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  1. That's so great. A friend of mine just got himself a 4S and I've only heard good things. I'l have to tell him about this one.
  2. Maniel

    Borderlands 2

    I've certainly enjoyed the experience thus far. Not a "hardcore" gamer, but I'm far more than a casual gamer. It seems to fit me quite well, and the pacing seems to be improved from its predecessor. Not to mention the graphics. Really beautiful. I've seen huge improvements to the weapons, and I'm maybe an hour or two in, so I can only imagine the weapons will become bigger and badder as I go. So I guess what I'm saying is despite these micro (perhaps they should be called macro, damn prices) transactions, the game has a ton of meat.
  3. This isn't a bash or anything. I just purchased a new laptop the other day (a really nice Toshiba Satellite) for around $750. It plays everything I can throw at it (highest settings) thus far, so what would be the benefit of using an Alienware laptop when I can pay so much less and get pretty much the same amount? Just curious is all.
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