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  1. Please update with ram speeds since it should only support 1600mhz.
  2. The laptop should have come with an adapter. If it didn't you can contact them about it. Any drive should fit.
  3. Sorry for the delay mate, as I understand it any drop below the ambient air temp can cause condensation. I have seen some water chiller setups that can achieve this (digital storm make one that's only available in their prebuilds) which helps with overclocking but not to the same degree that subzero phase change/cascade/LN2 cooling does. If you use copper piping it will likely increase condensation over rubber due to the higher temp conductivity. I've never done a build with sub ambient water or copper tubing, so if you want specific answers you'll have to look elsewhere sorry.

  4. I'll see what kind of summary I can come up with at the end of the project.
  5. Update. Well I have been busy with finals and graduation, but I now free and have some progress. Here a submersible pump that I have converted into a non submersible. Also I have started the water reservoir. Alongside I have also shaved off some of the casing to give the reservoir clearance. I have also moved the power source connection now it will be extracted from the old speaker connection. Thoughts?
  6. It is a very simple process that shouldn't e difficult. There is plenty of how to's out there here is just one. . Have fun with the new system.
  7. I purchased my R4 in August and now I have just received one that I bought for my girlfriend and I noticed a few changes that were made on it. First and most important was the charger difference. It is much lighter and smaller. Although it doesn't have the blue light it is a good alternative for the old larger one. Even though it is smaller the drop in amp is not that much and probably won't be noticeable. Also they have finally accepted the fact that people are going to want windows 8 soon. So what they did was change the windows icon to the new windows 8 icon. How do you feel about these changes?
  8. Hello if you interest in the fan building process let me know I can help you if you need some help. Also regarding the water cooling system, I had to put it on hold because of final this week. But I am now done and should have an update by this weekend.
  9. I do a lot of data parsing so I need a lot of fast ram. I don't game so the GPU is more then enough for me.
  10. The link is made by the website not by me. It is one of there advertisement.
  11. I am going to upgrade my ram and would like to know what is the top of the line. I have looked into the corsair vengeance and it looks very good. It has cas 9 timing 9-9-9-24. Is the best out there? Application will be for future overclocking. Also can anyone verify a higher speed then 1600 MHz working on the R4.
  12. what is this connection called I need to know specifics please.
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