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  1. Hey guys, Im about to flash my Alienware 17 R2 Nvidia 980m tonight. I just wanted to confirm the vbios listed on page one is in fact compatible with Alienware 980m cards? Sorry for the newbie question, just dont want to brick my card... Thank you!
  2. Im running the modded vbios on those specs. Everything is working fine.
  3. Hi Guys, I really need help, I recently updated my Nvidia drivers from 311.48 to the newest Nvidia drivers 327.23. After doing this, I would get no display on my LCD after closing and reopening my lid. I can only get a display again by doing a hard reset by powering off the laptop and turning it back on. I also tried other drivers but I have the same issue. The only Nvidia drivers that don't cause this issue is the older 311.48 drivers. I am hoping you guys can help because I don't want to be stuck with outdated drivers forever... If it helps, I am running a Nvidia 780m GPU. Thanks for the help!
  4. Glossy for me! I just bought the new Alienware 17 and upgraded to a 120hz screen, not for 3d but for the Truelife glossy screen display. My alienware m17x R4 has a glossy screen and though it did reflect some light it wasn't that big of a deal, well worth the trade for better color output and crisper images.
  5. I dont think Dell will lock down there systems, well, not anymore than usual. Not only would it dramatically there hurt laptop sales but also the potential sales of new parts that customers would order through them. For all we know the new 800/9000 cards might not even use MXM 3.0b anymore, which in that case its GG for everyone. Also, anyone know if there is any OC vbios out there yet for the Nivida GTX 780m?
  6. I just purchased a Alienware 17, I use to own a M17X R4. This time around, I decdied to go with a 17.3" 120Hz WLED FHD (1920 x 1080) TrueLife Display w/3D Bundle for several reasons: a) The standard screen was a 1920 x 1080 Anti-Glare (I dont like matte, I prefer glossy) I did allot of research and most people say that even in 2D gaming a 120hz display does make a noticeable difference if your GPU can push over 60 FPS+ c) The upgrade in screens only cost me +$150 which I think is worth having the extra visual edge, plus having the option of 3D gaming is nice as well. d) Also, with Optimus technology, I dont see how having a 120hz 3D capable LCD panel would drain more battery if you aren't gaming...
  7. I agree, the lit up speaker grills was what made Alienware. That being said, I do commend Dell for trying to go with something new and fresh, the new 14, 17 and 18 have this TRON effect that I just love. Also, Dell decided to go back to anodized aluminum chassis and you can change the the color of the Alien head once again. Thumbs up!
  8. Ya, I opted not to get a mSATA SSD because its only 64gb for $100. When my laptop arrives, I will go out and purchase a 240gb SSD and use the 750 as a storage drive. Anyone think the 780m isnt powerful enough to run 3D gaming? I did allot of research and it seems to be more powerful than the 680m and peforms better than Nvidia 770m SLI. Correct me if I am wrong?
  9. Hey Guys,I wanted to let everyone know I switched from the M17 R4 to Alienware's new Haswell refresh. Just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are on the new refresh and if anyone else will be switching over. Personally, I don't think the technology leap is significant but I am curious to see how much more battery life we will get out of Haswell and I also love the new design. I have listed my new 17 build below: [FONT=arial]210-AAPS [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Alienware 17 Base [/FONT] [FONT=arial]370-AANN [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]16GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz [/FONT] [FONT=arial]400-AATG [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]750GB 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s [/FONT] [FONT=arial]429-AAGC [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Slot-Loading 8x SuperMulti Drive (DVDR/RW) [/FONT] [FONT=arial]470-AAKG [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]US 125V Power Cord [/FONT] [FONT=arial]490-BBGQ [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M with 4GB GDDR5 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]555-BBEQ [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Broadcom 4352 802.11 ac 2x2 and Bluetooth 4.0 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]580-ABEG [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]English Keyboard [/FONT] [FONT=arial]619-ACMQ [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, English [/FONT] [FONT=arial]658-BBOD [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Broadcom 4352 Driver [/FONT] [FONT=arial]951-6520 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Accidental Damage Service, 1 Year [/FONT] [FONT=arial]954-4175 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Dell Hardware Warranty Plus On-Site Service, Initial Year [/FONT] [FONT=arial]954-4207 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis, Parts and Labor On-Site Response, Initial Year [/FONT] [FONT=arial]994-3730 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Warranty Support, Initial Year [/FONT] [FONT=arial]338-BCHU [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Intel Core i7-4700MQ (6MB Cache, up to 3.4GHz w/ Turbo Boost) (Standard) [/FONT] [FONT=arial]354-BBBB [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]LCD Back Cover (WLAN) Alienware 17 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]389-BCCZ [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Windows 7 Label, OptiPlex, Fixed Precision, Vostro Desktop [/FONT] [FONT=arial]391-BBEI [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]17.3 inch (439.42 mm) 120Hz WLED FHD (1920 x 1080) TrueLife w/3D Bundle [/FONT] [FONT=arial]450-AAJI [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]240W AC Adapter [/FONT] [FONT=arial]451-BBCB [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]8-cell Lithium Ion (86 wHr) Battery [/FONT] [FONT=arial]630-AAAU [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Software: Microsoft Office 2013 Trial [/FONT] [FONT=arial]640-BBLC [/FONT] [FONT=arial]1 [/FONT] [FONT=arial]Alienware Command Center 3.0 [/FONT] I opted to go with a Truelife 120hz display because I like glossy better then matte, anyone know if the truelife display is allot better? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's opinion on the Hasweel refresh.
  10. Can someone please provide me the original Alienware m17x R4 ati 7970m vibois please!!! I flashed my card and now I get black screens during gaming at times. I cant control anything and have to do a hard reset to get the display back.
  11. Hey guys, I tried to flashing my Dell 7970M with a few options from SVL7s package but I get black screen issues when gaming. I can play games for 20-40min then my screen goes black and I have to do a hard reset to get the display back. Anyone know if this is normal? Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm using a m17x r4 with A05 unlocked bios. Thanks!
  12. Hi...sorry I know it says R4 but I am desperate, I was trying to update it to A10 when it locked up during the flash in Windows Environment. Now when I turn on the Laptop I dont have any display but keyboard is lit up...and yes fans and everything work.
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