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  1. I used to have a Clevo that was basically a desktop replacement and it was very good for it's time. There was actually an Alienware that was literally the same Clevo, but rebranded. I think Alienware just buys from companies like them, adds some fancy graphics/lights and calls it a day. Alienware is highly overpriced for what you get. My little Lenovo is probably 1/2 the price of a comparable Alienware.
  2. I think that Windows 10 has helped by tablet more than my laptop for battery usage. I noticed that there was no option to simply have the display turn off in 8.1 without powering it off (even if ultimately putting it to sleep) while in 10 it actually gives me a good timeout period, thus saving lots of battery. Watching Netflix on it doesn't seem to drain the battery very rapidly either, so I know they must have done something right :-).
  3. I've been using regular usb powered cooling pads for a while and have noticed a good difference in temperature (externally at least). It seems as those the ones that work best have some sort of metal on the upper surface though. When I've had one that was strictly plastic, it didn't absorb the heat as well. Even having that little bit of metal on the top has kept my laptops noticeable cooler when playing a demanding game especially.
  4. I'd be very wary about trying to overclock any laptop. These little guys get so hot that you're brave to try pushing it further ;-).
  5. I've had a similar issue with dropouts on my y410p, but it seems to be some kind of interference in my area. All of the devices in my house seem to have the same problem unless I am able to switch the channel on the wifi router temporarily or use the 5Ghz channel.
  6. I've just plugged into a larger 27" monitor a have laying around, then plugged in a usb keyboard and mouse so that it feels like a desktop anyhow. It's probably not too wise to start trying to open of the display, and not really worth it since a higher resolution on such a small screen probably won't be very visible to the human eye.
  7. I'd recommend always getting some sort of cooling pad to put the laptop on as well. Even if it doesn't fix all of the internal problems, it's always a good backup. I try to get one with a metal surface to maximum it's thermal transferring.
  8. Hi. Just trying to mod my lenovo y410p to get a better wireless card (so that I can actually use 5Ghz instead of 2.4Ghz). I can't believe that they whitelist other cards!
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