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  1. I don't think Ebay is cheap for laptop GPUs..
  2. Still on the fence for upgrading to windows 10 - looking to hear what are the experiences in battery life after upgrade to win10 ? thanks
  3. Hello folks my name is Kyle and I'm an IT Student from Nova Scotia Canada. and enthusiastic programmer and future indie developer. also interested in GPU/CPU OC - how i ended up being in this forum(googled about GPU OC ) Cheers!
  4. I have two lappies - one with gtx 860m , the other one with the 675mx SSD/16G RAM/WIN 8 for both laptops. and I can't run this game smoothly on high settings I normally get approximately 35-40FPS but it drops occasionally to 25-28 is this normal ? or just not being optimized due to the Early Access Alpha?. if anybody wants to share your experiences. Cheers
  5. Hello, Noob here I just bought a second hand MSI GT70 laptop with gtx675mx and just loving it so far except my GPU being overheated. according to Nvidia Inspector , MSI After Burner my GPU temperature stays at around 70 celcius when idle and 85 celcuis as I start playing games. and it hits 86-87 at max load. 1.Cleaned my fan , dusted out , applied new Termal paste. 2.Installed the newest nvidia driver. 3.default clock - no OC 3.room temperature is about 20 celcius. and I have no clue what's going on.. is this reflecting my GPU going bad ? thank you in advance guys
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