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  1. I can confirm the lcd bricking ^^ Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  2. I have recently ended up in the same predicament as Giozera did around this time last year. My Internal graphics on the m18xr2 is causing the system to fail to boot. Mine also turns off after a second or two with no beeps. Unlike Gio, mine was from buggering around with the settings for it in bios, I changed the screen type to 1080. I am trying a method of forcing a blind flash on bios later than a07, this method worked for me in the past, but it takes hours. When I previosly followed the method posted by Mr Fox - remove ac, system battery, drain. Remove ram and coin battery then turn on. It 2 bleeps then briefly shuts off, during shut down insert ram and it then 5 bleeps. Then it should allow an esata blind flash. My system has so far failed to briefly shut down allowing for the ram insert. I previosly left it for 4 hours or so bleeping then manually shut down and inserted ram and turned it on. It then 5 bleeped and allowed a blind flash. My laptop is beeping away as I write this, touch wood this works. My question to you Giozera (as I am sure you have guessed) is how did you rectify this problem? It has not even been 2 weeks since I replaced my bricked screen. It serves me right for fiddling with settings tbh. Cheers Will. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  3. New screen and it's working. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  4. Yes the inside is imaculate and fresh paste. I would like to avoid having to disable bd pro but it seems to be the only way. I will prolly have to run hours of testing and find out where the comfort zone is. I am however awaiting a new screen as have the dreaded edid 8 bleep issue 😥 Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  5. Mine bluescreens when the power cable is removed. Although it has never been an issue as I always have it plugged in. I have always assumed it was down to the battery being nackered. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  6. I think from the top of my head you need full uefi boot for that card. I have personally had issues with that boot type on the m18x r2 touch wood you will be fine Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  7. I have ordered a new (2nd hand) screen. As it was caused by precision x being installed on win 7, will I be OK to diskpart clean on the ssd and I am in the clear? Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  8. Sadly my bios is back to 03 no uefi, so I can't use the hdmi. Is there any way round this?
  9. Yes I am sure this is it! Quite how to fix this issue though... Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  10. I managed to managed to 8 beep my M18 r2 the other day, admittedly after a drink! I was looking through the options of a few GPU tuning apps few apps, the idea was to not to set any changes, but it looks like I must have. My initial thought was that the mboard was at fault as it has always been a temperamental machine and to date the core multiplyer has not been above 12. The last thing I remember clearly doing was playing with the gpu fan overrides in EVGA, I realise this can send some systems bonkers but I have my doubts. My suspicion is that the discrete graphics were turned on. I spent the first day flashing back from the unlocked A08 to the stock A03, this turned out to be a task but I managed it. I had half expected this to fix whatever it was causing it but it was not to be. I am pretty confident that I am now running the stock 03 as it is now very easy to flash using the e-sata port. Today I tried a method I saw Mr. Fox post on netbook review. > Remove BIOS and system batteries as well as all of the the RAM > turn on the system and listen to the beep s> and await a brief shut down > slot in of a single stick RAM while the power is off > Allow reboot. This has yet to result in the system briefly shutting down. The first time I waited 40 mins, but today I waited 4 hours, there was no shutdown. I had to quit after 4 hours it felt like I was going insane! - There was however some strange behaviour from the beeps. The beeps went through phases of coming from each of the speakers individually It then it sounded like the batteries on the speaker were running out of juice, even though there was no battery connected. I also removed both GPUs and booted it up in the hope that if discrete gfx had been enabled it would boot up with it. Again it was a fail. As todays last ditch attempt I removed the SLI cable and again nothing. Tomorrow I am planning on dusting off the old GPU my machine came with and trying that. If it does turn out to be my GPU’s I can use the old one to ID which one (or maybe both) is at fault. I would guess that if it is my GPU’s then some crap has been written to the VBios… cross that bridge when I get to it I guess. I am also getting my little bro to drop off his broken laptop in the hope that I can somehow wire his screen up to mine and confirm that it is not the screen as the bleep code suggests. This is where I am at for now. If anyone has any tips or advice I could use I would be most grateful as I am now losing all hope L Specs are: 3940XM, 32 GB 1866 Ram, 2x 880m (looking forward to Premas latest work:D) Thanks in advance Will
  11. Hahaha 1ST attempt at the blind flash took though!!! Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk ... streight back to 8bleeps after the flash. It seems I may need some advice. I was fiddleing around with a gpu program before bit went down. Cant remember the name, it was one I saw Lord Fox using on a screen shot. The icon is an X... [emoji30]
  12. I was just rather brave and tried: Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk Turn the system off and disconnect the AC adapter Disconnect CMOS battery and system battery Do a power drain (press and hold power button 30 seconds) Remove all memory modules Reconnect AC adapter and power system on Let laptop beep until it turns itself off VERY QUICKLY, WHILE IT IS OFF, BUT BEFORE IT ATTEMPTS TO BOOT AND LIGHTS COME ON AGAIN, INSERT A MEMORY MODULE System will start to beep 5 times Power system off Reconnect CMOS battery and system battery Replace any panels removed for access to memory modules Done… It is fair to say I was crapping it! It didn't how ever go to plan. After 40 mins of waiting for it to power down to put the ram in i pulled the plug. So it went from 2 to 5 and then back to the 8 beeps I have had all day. No harm done... I think, no sign of the m board bleep anyway. I did how ever realise that I pulled another wire in line with the battery, wrongly assuming it was from the battery. Hopefully that was the cause! [emoji52]
  13. Has anyone got this to work? I have given it a few hours to day with no success. And a further 8 or so trying for the blind... fff not a crappy camper at the moment  Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
  14. I have been trying for some time to clock my CPU on my M18xR2 with the 3940XM chip. Nothing I did had any effect what so ever. Since new my core multiplier had never been above x12. I recently discovered that this was down to ‘BD PROSCHOT’ and thermal throttling. As I understand it BD is a heat sensor of some description that I can only assume thinks the temp is too high. My usual core temp at x12 is around 55°C which is not even close to dangerous levels. I have started using Throttle Stop to remove BD and set the max multiplier to 20 after a XTU benchmark test I achieved 2.00 GHz with a max temp of 70°C, which in compared with other benchmarks I have seen is poor and rather warm. As I have a 3.00 GHz CPU it is defiantly on the low and warm side, which lead me to think that perhaps this BD PROCHOT thing was not wrong. I am going to do some investigation into the fans, in the meanwhile does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks Will
  15. I dont know as if I would get another Alien, I have recently been looking into other brands. As I am off to sea for 3 months tomorrow this is a search to continue in the new year. My advice to friends hoowever has been to go for a cheaper brand.
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