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  1. I just tried putting Y410's 1600x900 screen on. Screen powers and and backlit can be adjusted but no image shows. Basically what I get is a gray screen with adjustable backlit. Thanks for reply btw, I will try the dual-channel LVDS cable.
  2. Y400 I have came with 1366x768 screen. Is it possible to upgrade to Y410's 1600x900 screen?
  3. I have: -Gigabyte Z68 motherboard -Xeon 1230 v2 CPU -Corsair H100i GTX cooler My idle temperature is always aroudn 30 degree. My ambient temperature is around 25 degree (I know, it's a hot room). Is there any suggestions on improving the temperature?
  4. I tried all 3 cards on Xeon 1230 v2 i3 2120 Pentium Anniversary i3 gets black screen on final wave until most of the unit dies pentium is similar but best performance during waves Xeon pulls ahead in final battle but performs worse than pentium in early waves for some reason The results were same regardless of the videocard switch
  5. This game lags a lot after wave 60 (especially with zerg). I know this is caused by CPU because my fps doesn't change when im running GTX 760, GTX 960, R9 270. What is the best CPU for this game? I heard SC2 only uses 2 threads/core.
  6. Hello, I have Gigabtye GTX 960 G1 Gaming edition. I heard from many people that this card should be on fanless mode when I play light game such as League of Legend. However, whenever I run League, my fans turn on and the card is t around 65-70 degrees. I do max every setting in League in 1080p. Is this normal or is my unit defective?
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