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  1. 1) Can only answer for myself. Mine hovered around high 80's C at stock, occationally 90+. Now with -100Mhz/-100mV I'm around 80 but I've not played a game that is very GPU demanding on this underclock/volt setup. 2) Had mine for 1½ year, have played 8+h many times without problem. (Allthough I was a bit worried about high temps when running stock.) 3) Same here. I guess it's since the CPU is located close to the primary GPU.
  2. 1) My experience with Afterburner were not good when I tried it. The software made my GPU go 100% just from having a couple of tabs active in Chrome. I had to uninstall Afterburner and reinstall my drivers to get it back to normal. I then tried Firestorm from Zotac and it works well as far as I know. 2) I do not use the presets in Firestorm, I use the manual clocking settings. I have decided to try NVInspector though since it seems to be the tried and tested option. 3) This puzzles me, is 112.5mV normal? NVInspector shows both my GPU voltages at 1100mV @ 888Mhz. I have not touched the voltages, I do run the modified VBIOS from this forum. Flashing the VBIOS and BIOS was easy, no issues from my side. And the temperatures differ a few degrees, I usually get high 80's when gaming, underclocking reduced it only about 2-4 degrees C. (I did not monitor temperatures closely though, I can't give you exact numbers, just brief flash memories)
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I do not get crashes anymore, allmost none atleast. The underclocking helped alot. My primary question here was if I could set GPU clocks permanently in BIOS somehow, safely. Instead of using NVInspector/Firestorm or such.
  4. Thought I'd chip in here with my experience. I've tried the n2230, n6235 and the ac7260 in my y510p, they all have the exact same issue with ping spikes when searching for roaming networks(which happens periodically), the only thing that fixes this is disabling roaming in the registry. I've spent 20+ h reading and experimenting. I've given up and just run without roaming. Just so you don't expect it to be fixed if you change NIC (from Intel atleast).
  5. Hi guys I'd like some help, I have a Y510p with 755m SLI and had trouble with the computer constantly crashing during games when running in SLI mode. I've fixed this now by lowering the GPU clocks to 901MHz in Zotac FireStorm. I havn't had a crash since, works well. My temperatures are good enough, I don't underclock because of them. It's actually the secondary GPU that crashes and that is cooler than the primary. I'm running the modified BIOS and VBIOS as per instructions in this forum. Now my question; can I do this in some more permanent way, in lets say the BIOS? Exactly how should I do this? (I'm terrified of bricking the computer so I don't dare experimenting in the BIOS myself.) I've seen people are using nvinspector with GPU Voltage, would that do the same thing and is it better than my way? Do I have to run that program constantly to keep the changes? I don't want to have to run FireStorm everytime I use the computer. Seems unnecesary if it can be accomplished in a BIOS setting. Also I found this link in this forum: NvidiaInspectorForY510p What does it do exactly? Does it do what I want? Don't want to try it before I know what it does. Thanks for reading!
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