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  1. I personally quite like having a combination of realism mods to make Liberty City feel more like New York Viva New York Fuel Mod Cautious Drivers Real Store Fronts are my personal favorite combo.
  2. Im having a lot of stuttering when driving around. Could my hard drive be the issue? I get good frame rates on the benchmark, but when it comes to driving around the city and loading big sections of it, the game slows right down and chugs along.
  3. I would avoid Alienware. In the realm of prebuilt desktops and laptops, they seem to be fairly overpriced with dubious build quality. So really, you're getting a fairly poor value and you're better off getting a laptop from a different OEM.
  4. According to this article the 900 series GPUs may not have the same problem, however it is dependent on OEM's to disable throttling when on battery power on the GPU's. In particular MSI and ASUS laptops would be the ones to look at.
  5. Hello, I am planning to start streaming once my new computer is built somewhere in early October. Here it is.
  6. Since I got an SSD and installed Windows 7 onto it, I've had screen tearing issues with youtube videos and in videogames. This is with both single GPU mode and SLI with the GT 650M. Before, there was an install of Windows 8.1 on the computer and there were no screen tearing issues as far as I recall.I have done a complete wipe (including registry files) and install of the video card drivers, rolling them back to a previous version. Here is the DxDiag file DxDiag.txt. Any assistance in remedying this would be great.
  7. Texture packs may put more demand on the GPU and CPU. This is because they will often have higher detail textures which would be more difficult to render. Your best bet would be trying to eke out more performance with your current setup with a mild overclock if you haven't already. Otherwise you would have to deal with stock textures most likely to get the smoothest frame rates.
  8. Really enjoyed Straight Outta Compton, Jurassic World and the Avengers this summer.
  9. I've been bumpin' NWA for the last while including Boyz -N- Da Hood Dopeman As a bonus, the best dis track of all time
  10. The Wire Breaking Bad The Office House of Cards (both the new one and the original)
  11. My favorite MMO would have to be World of Tanks, I've sunk so many hours of my life into that thing....
  12. Maybe, depends on the price really. It could certainly be interesting for some of the flightsim and milsim games that I play. Other than situations like that, I think a good old fashioned high quality monitor is preferable.
  13. I don't think that it would be worth it at all really. Better off getting a console that would give you a more polished package and experience at that price. It seems like all you're getting is an overpriced mini PC really.
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