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  1. My friend asked me about the Alienware Alpha (Alienware Alpha) and I immediately told him I thought Alienware was overpriced and he could build a better gaming system for much less. He found the Core i5 version for $500 which isn't a bad price for what it offers. What do you guys think? Would this be a good option for someone who doesn't have a lot of technical knowledge?
  2. I purchased a Lenovo y510p for my normal business laptop because I also wanted a system that I could game on when traveling. It suits my needs for the most part and you can turn off the 2nd video card if you don't need it of course. The touch pad is a little weird, but you get used to it after awhile. The wireless card doesn't connect to certain wireless routers, I think its N. IF you want to install a different wireless care you need to mod the bios because the Lenovo customized one will not allow non-approved hardware. I made the mistake of getting a cheap y510p I found on amazon by a 3rd party seller and it didn't realize but there are several versions. One only has the i5 processor and doesn't come with the m.2 ssd drive. I wound up purchasing a 256 m.2 ssd drive so that wasn't an issue. I had a lot of trouble with the 2nd video card at first until I installed the updated vga bios offered on Lenovo site. Then it started rebooting periodically so I eventually returned it to Lenovo. They replaced the guts and all is working well now. After all is said and done, I would recommend this laptop for gaming. Just make sure get the i7 version.
  3. winterpk

    Diablo 3

    God I loved Diablo 2 back in the old days. I'm a die hard hardcore player and was thrilled to learn that Diablo 3 would have hardcore. However, ever since they removed trading all together I feel like the game will never be the same as its former glory days. Don't get me wrong, I understand why they did it. When you have items that can be traded and sold for money, they will inevitably be people who try to cheat and game the system. From what I understand a big hack at one point and it caused an imbalance in the economy so they decided to just do away with trading all together. Part of the fun of the game was the find really rare items that took forever to find. When you did it was a thrill that no other game has given me yet. If you couldn't use it, that was OK because you knew you would trade it for something awesome. Now I can spend 15 minutes and I find about 5 different uniques all perfectly tailored to my class. Its just not the same thrill.
  4. I've been debating on getting ESO or FF XIV for awhile now. I finally settled on FF XIV last night and its downloading now. However, I may wind up getting both because I like the world PVP that ESO offers. I just wish it wasn't faction based. I may wind up getting ESO too. There are a lot of good MMO's coming out this year!
  5. I got my girlfriend a benq GL2460 and its great for gaming. I hate when frame rate fluctuation detracts from my gaming experience. Also I agree keeping a consistent locked fps as high as your hardware can support is a good idea.
  6. I actually fixed this problem by going into the BIOS under Configuration and enabling BIOS Back Flash. However, now I'm running into a problem where my computer periodically reboots. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?
  7. I decided to attempt this fix because my wireless card wasn't picking up my wireless router. So I slapped a new wireless card in there and it gave me the "Unsupported wireless card error" on boot. Now I'm on step 3 of the entire process but the InsydeFlash tool is telling me "BIOS version compare error!". Please help me figure this out as since I've upgrade to 3.05 my slave video card isn't working anymore.
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