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  1. Going to start broadcasting Dark Souls 3 soon! https://www.twitch.tv/hailst0rm Check me out!
  2. I currently have a 680m, which absolutely devastates performance unplugged by clocking down to 135mhz (I assume to save battery) making some games completely unplayable. I was wondering if there are any GPU's out there that don't suffer this problem and are able to give some decent performance without the use of external power. Are the lower end cards in the 900m series capable of this?
  3. I've had little to no problems on my laptop with a 680m aside for some compatibility issues with some older titles (not too big of a deal) My desktop didn't fare very well however, the windows 10 Nvidia drivers would not install correctly for my 970 and ended up with a black screen, I had to revert back to windows 8 to fix it :/
  4. My experience has been decent on my laptop with a 680m. I have some compatibility issues with older games but the majority run without issues. My desktop however didn't fare as nicely, the windows 10 drivers wouldn't install for my 970 and I ended up with a black screen and having to revert back to windows 8.
  5. Hey im new here, my laptop GPU has been having throttling problems and im hoping to find a solution here
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