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  1. blknite908

    Castle Crashers?

    Who still loves this game?
  2. blknite908

    LoK fans

    Favorite character? Mine's amon
  3. blknite908

    Thoughts on AC unity?

    Thoughts, opinions?
  4. blknite908

    Dominion (TV)

    Any Dominion fans?
  5. blknite908

    Favorite MMO?

    Title says all, looking for new stuff
  6. blknite908

    Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    supernatural, arrow, naruto (anime), and dominion
  7. blknite908

    GPU Intensive games

    skyrim with enb and texture packs
  8. blknite908

    What music are you listening to right now?

    anything i can dance to
  9. blknite908

    Post Your System

    Lenovo Y510p Intel Core i7 4700MQ RAM 8 GB ( 1 x 8 GB ) 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 1TB HDD, 25gb SSD NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Windows 8.1 64bit
  10. blknite908

    What movies have you seen lately?

    recently? Guardians of the galaxy - - - Updated - - - recently? guardians of the galaxy
  11. blknite908

    Legend of Korra is off TV

    eh, no ads online
  12. blknite908

    Anime discussion

    naruto, and hunter x hunter

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