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  1. Hello! If You created skin for CS:GO and it is in workshop - show it up us. Ok, i'll start: Steam Workshop :: Dual Berettas | Dragons I know that, it's not perfect but I just started with skins, I have more in my workshop, but I think this one is the best.
  2. Hi ! I have a problem... I flashed 8.01 BIOS, BIOS is unlocked, but GTX660m is still locked, standard 835MHz, and max +135MHz what's going on ? Some time ago I flashed this Y580 and everything was OK (except of "blink issue" that I described in other thread, i send y580 on warranty [guy said that they formated HDD <facepalm> no comment, Polish Lenovo Support rocks ] btw I had this issue even before flashing and OC) In preasent flashing I got 2 messages (i don't remember - was that normal ? always?): PDR Region does not exist GBE Region does not exist. ------EDIT----- At now it works ... laptop was restarted about 2-3 times, and 1 or 2 asleep, IT"S MAGIC ....</facepalm>
  3. 1. If battery will be all the time connected in, may it reduce battery life time ? 2. My trick is that I have NvidiaInspector running in background, and there's no turning off GPU. So You say that, it's shouldn't happend ? I have this laptop about 2 month, meybe 3, and that "Blink issue" was on beggining... Should I send laptop for a warranty ?
  4. Hi everybody! 1. Battery Should I take out my battery when I have plugged in AC power supply ? My laptop is always set on Lenovo dynamic graphic, and main task of it, is gaming. 2. Graphic Sometimes when im on "desktop" screen blink once (fast blink) and then Laptop is not reading GTX660M. After blink i must restart laptop to be able for GTX660M GPU use... Is it some kind of issue ? Or just Nvidia/Lenovo drivers are crappy and after turning off dedicaded GPU, drivers can't turn it on again ?
  5. Today I played a little more and over 30 minutes, NvidiaInspector said that MAX temp was 93*C I guess it's too hot ? or meybe not yet ?
  6. Im waiting for more, I forgot to say about that I had some HD texures (or something like that) Hmmm GhostRider mod is really so cool, I reccomend it for You
  7. Thank You for response, and what about Your temperatures ? I had 88*C max playing Crysis 3 (1680x1050 and optimal set from GeForce Experience) It is "safe" Temperature ? - Im asking cuz it's my 1st laptop, since 2001 I always used Desktop PC. BTW anybody else ?
  8. Hi everybody! I Just installed modified bios - I have Lenovo Y580. As default there is (in modified bios) 1000MHz on base clock and 2500MHz on memory. Currently I have set 1260MHz and 3080MHz. (I used NvidiaInspector) Imo it's very big difference in compared with standard (non GHz) edition. Really it's so good card for overclocking ? Meybe Your clockies are higher ? Let me know in this topic. EDIT GPU-z Shows GPU - 1260MHz and Memory - 1540MHz
  9. Hi everybody! There is a software/driver, that let You use a PlayStation gamepads in PC gaming. It's called MotionJoy, I installed it, and works fine with DualShock3 on USB, but I had issue with Bluetooth connection. It's: "Wait fof Bluetooth Adabter to be connected". This is not read Lenovo Y580 Bluetooth... Is there any smart and clever person, that could edit this software or a few files, so it could be work fine?
  10. Hi everybody ! Lately I installed GTA 4, and few mods for it. If You are playing GTA4 with mods, just say what mods are the best in Your opinion, and which You can reccomend for me. Mods that I already have: - iCEnhancer 2.1 - Ghost Rider mod - Iron man mod - Hulk mod (this one isn't so good ) - Realistic Car Pack v4
  11. R.I.P.D. - IF You have too much free time, You can watch it
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