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  1. I completely get where you're coming from. I have friends who still use their old AW 17 or 18 and are still having a lot of fun with them mainly because of their upgradeability. I just hope that most, if not all, laptop brands regain their senses and also think about what's best for their customers and stop the trend of soldered CPUs and GPUs. Still hoping that Clevo would continue to produce upgradeable laptops so at least people would have a decent alternative.
  2. So, if for example I downloaded and attempted to use a vbios for my AW 15 with a 970m that was made for a Asus or Clevo laptop, my laptop will get damaged? (Sorry if some of my terminology is a bit off, I'm still a noob when it comes to OCing)
  3. Hi, Guys! I was wondering if anyone has already started working on creating an unlocked version of the AW15 bios. I've recently bought one and will possibly be at my doorstep maybe a week or two from now so I'm really excited to start overclocking it and see just what it can do. If anyone has any info about this please do tell. Thanks!
  4. Hi, guys! I've been browsing the forums a lot lately and as of now, I've yet to find Vbios for the 3gb and 4gb versions of the 970m and the 980m respectively. I'm not sure if no one has ever come around to unlocking them or I just haven't looked hard enough. In any case, if someone here actually knows where to find them, please do tell as I'm completely sure that it would help a lot of people (myself included).
  5. Hi, guys! Before I recently bought my new laptop, I've heard a lot of people say that Alienware was perhaps the most overpriced laptop brand on the market. However, the Alienware 15 I bought which included an i7-4710HQ processor and a gtx970m graphics card costed almost the same, if not slightly cheaper, than the other laptops in the market. The only other laptop brand which I considered to be really cheaper but offered the same performance was Clevo, especially the Clevo P650SG (Although I still chose Alienware because I like the overall design that comes with their products as well them having better customer support in my country). So why do people still choose to hate on Alienware?
  6. Hi, guys! I've recently bought a new laptop (Alienware 15) that's gonna come in maybe a week from now. It's loaded with a gtx 970m. However, I'm also planning on overclocking this bad boy to bring out the performance from it. I know for a fact that laptop cooling pads can in fact decrease a laptop's CPU and GPU temps. With that in mind, do you think getting a high quality cooling pad can help me overclock more? Thanks!
  7. I've already heard a lot of good things about the oculus rift. And I know a lot of my friends are willing to buy it once all the bugs and technical issues have been fixed. But, will it really transform gaming as we know it? I mean, I know it would be awesome to actually play an FPS, for example, and feel like you're actually there. But all in all, do you think it would just end up being something gimmicky instead of something serious for gamers?
  8. Modded Skyrim is by far my most favorite game. I mean, kyrim in itself is pretty awesome, but when you add in certain mods (ENBs, texture packs, Civil War Overhaul) it just completely transforms it into something I've always dreamed of, a game that fits all of my preferences. Some people can bash it all they want, I'll never get tired of this game.
  9. Yeah, it sucks that there are a lot of sports games that are available on the consoles only. I just hope that one day, other gaming companies (suck as 2k) can also have the rights to other sports games (really hoping they can do this for fight night).
  10. It's not that they really hate PCs. It's simply because, let's face it, most people would rather buy a console than spend thousands of dollars on a high end gaming PC. And I don't really think that gaming companies hate PCs. I mean sure there were certain ports that were terrible during their release, AC Unity for example, but there also a lot of game devs who support PC gamers. Some companies, Bethesda being the primary example, even support those who create mods to improve their games.
  11. Fallout New Vegas, with several mods installed (i.e. Project Nevada) somehow fits into my description of the perfect open world survival mod as we pretty much have the same criteria. Game developers should take a hint! I'm also looking forward to trying out Dying Light once my new laptop arrives.
  12. I've always thought that ESO was something that looked promising, on paper at least, but couldn't live up to most people's expectations, mine included. Something about it, just feels off. Hopefully, it will get better overtime though (fingers crossed!)
  13. Hi Guys! I recently bought an Alienware 15 gtx 970m and as much as possible, I want to max out its performance without the need for the god-awful graphics amplifier. With that in mind, I was planning on trying out overclocking to bring out the best in this machine. I've recently read about overclocking with an unlocked vbios and I would very much like to try it. Can you guys give me some advice, tips, and pointers regarding it? Also, is it relatively safe? Bear in mind that I have absolutely no experience regarding this. Thanks!
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