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  1. Thanks. Might post pictures later. If memory serves me right, I couldn't go any lower than -112,5mV using stock clocks. Cheers mate, but I live in Finland. Postage would cost quite a bit. Also, I'm fairly content with my laptop now that I managed to undervolt it. Runs cool and silent when gaming. Playing games won't get it even nearly as hot as Furmark does.
  2. y410p with i7-4700mq + 755m here. I did everything according to the guide, and was successfully in modding the bios. Had to enable back flash from bios though. Thank you. I was able to drop GPU voltage by 50mv and overclock 110mhz at the same time. Any more, and I get artifacts. Furmark testing: - no undervolt + stock clocks: GPU tops 90 degrees - 50mv undervolt + 110mhz overclock: GPU tops 85 degrees - 112,5mv undervolt + stock clocks: GPU tops 80 degrees Other mods: - Bottom dust filter removed, and plastic cut in a way that allows a bit more airflow. - Spring mod & repaste - Fan's plastic grill removed - Added a plastic spacer on top of heatsink, so that the upper edge of the heatsink fins won't get blocked by the laptop frame. I think my heatsink assembly is twisted quite badly... - Rear of the laptop elevated with winebottle corks - CPU undervolt -90mv A quick tip to everyone: Use RivaTunerStatisticsServer (comes with Afterburner I think) to limit your FPS in games. This reduces heat by quite a lot. I cap most of my games to 40-50 fps. If the game runs around 30-40 fps 90% of time, there's no reason for GPU to work it up to 60 fps in some not so demanding scenes. Worth a try, I'd say. Dropping even a few fps drops temps nicely. Quick example with Space Engineers (low settings): - fps cap 40: GPU 57 degrees (gpu usage around 40-50%) - fps cap 50: GPU 64 degrees (gpu usage around 60-80%) - fps cap 60: GPU 68 degrees (gpu usage around 90-95%) - no fps cap: GPU 72 degrees (gpu usage 99% all the time)
  3. Keeping battery at 60% keeps it working a bit longer. For example, Lenovo battery management software notices if most of your notebook usage is plugged in, and tells you that you might want to keep your battery at 60%, because it will keep your battery at better health. Another case related to keeping battery inside notebook: I once got to repair an Older model (QL-62 age Acer) that would crash all the time if the battery was plugged in. I suppose the battery had come to it's end, and caused shorts or something, which made the whole notebook crash from time to time.
  4. Have you done a sweep with driversweeper, Display Driver Uninstaller, or other similar software? Please do a sweep, then try to do a full reinstall of drivers.
  5. Nice job on the 970m! How's the heat after overclocking? Any mods done to laptop?
  6. Raise the back of the notebook a few centimeters. Makes a world of difference. Raising y410p a few centimeters drops max CPU and GPU temps by over 10 degrees. I've been using winebottle caps to raise mine haha.
  7. My PC has a few Noctua 12cm one whirring around. They sure move a lot of air compared to the original Antec ones my Sonata had. Had to remove the grills though, they were too restrictive. They also include resistors in the package, so you can make it even quieter if you want.
  8. Vote to AS5 from here as well. Been using one tube for many builds now. Sure it might cost a bit more than the others (atleast it does here where i live) but you can use it so many times it's fine. GPU ja CPU temps have usually dropped atleast 3-5 degrees upon applying new paste.
  9. Agreed with TonytotheB. GTX 960 has a good bang for buck. Although, i'm a little worried if the CPU's going to bottleneck your system a bit. You could narrow the bottleneck by throwing a bit of OC on the X6 CPU.
  10. Karza

    Favorite MMO?

    I've played EVE and WoW fairly extensively. Eve sure takes a lot of time to get in to, but oh man does it award you with tons of cool stuff after you really get in to it. Even had my own little corporation for a while. WoW is quite nice to play with friends, but doesn't offer same kind of a rush that EVE dogfights and such do.
  11. Karza

    Diablo 3

    Can't wait for the new season to start. Planning to create a Demon Hunter this time. This season i had a furious charge build barbarian. Was fun at start, but i get a little dizzy from all the charging around.
  12. Karza

    Dying Light?

    Been playing this with lenovo y410p without any hitches. Just amazing. GPU overclocked by +135mhz, which boosts fps 4-5 frames per second. Totally playable with native resolution with lowest graphics settings!
  13. Hey guys! Came looking for some help with Lenovo Y410p laptop.
  14. Karza

    Dying Light?

    Played this last night with my Lenovo Y410p. Runs amazing, and looks amazing. Native resolution and all the graphics settings at minimum my fps fluctuates between 25-60. Smoke and fire effects seem to be fairly demanding. Looking to overclock past the +135 limit Nvidia Inspector offers. A bit afraid of GPU temps rising over 90 though. Now it stays around 85 celsius.
  15. Just installed BF4 again, now that my brother has a working GPU. BF4 was a nightmare with HD6900 series, it would randomly just crash. Problems weren't temperature related. Just random crashing and glitching. Can't wait to try it out again. I wonder if there many servers to choose from, since neither of us have any of the DLC.
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