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  1. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Thanks for the tip, btw I always use dos from a USB flash drive to flash. Not that I don't trust windows, I just am more familiar with flashing from dos.
  2. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Would you be able to mail me one with a clevo HM vbios on it? If so, please pm me the total price including postage to Australia. I didn't think the bios would be so picky. @Clyde that's for the suggestion but I don't own such a programmer (not sure where to get and also which one to get).
  3. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    For some reason I had the urge to flash this vbios onto my clevo 7970m. Now it's bricked. I'll just quote the post I made on NBR: Not getting any beeps. Anyway have any ideas? Why didn't it work? Also if anyone has any 7970m vbios chips available I'm interested in buying one Or if anyone needs a clevo 7970m flashed with a dell vbios let me know I could sell this gpu. Any M18x r1 owners looking to upgrade
  4. I myself have tried all available on the intel download page. Only version 2.1 can change anything (ram, few other settings, nothing useful like bclk).
  5. moral hazard

    Help! May have bricked my gt683dx

    Try ctrl+ins , FN + B, win + B. Those might work (mainly FN + .
  6. moral hazard

    [Guide] M15x with water cooling

    I've done it before on a different heatsink with a heatgun set to 600C.
  7. moral hazard

    Help! May have bricked my gt683dx

    What was the recovery procedure that you have tried? What key combo did you use?
  8. If you read the rest of that thread you will see someone did try it and it should be fine to use.
  9. moral hazard

    Cooling a 5750G?

    After you do the repaste I think you will be under 85C. Also usually you can't see if there is dust between the heatsink and the fan without taking it apart (literally pull the fan from the heatsink).
  10. I've had a chance to test MeSet.EXE today, with good results. Ok so here is what I have just done: I first put fpt.exe onto a bootable usb drive, and I tried to run the command "fpt -d dump". I got the standard error message "The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.". Then I ran MeSet.EXE, the notebook turned off and then back on and started beeping (it was still usable). So I tried the same command "fpt -d dump". This time it worked. I will attach the dump to this post.DUMP.zip Now I just have to read back through the thread and see what I can do, it's really good to know that I don't need a hardware mod or a key combo, all I need is MEset.exe. ______________________________________________________________________ Update time. I have modded my bios image following the guide in the OP, it's attached hereflashnow.zip. Then I restarted my notebook, ran meset.exe in dos, restarted again, ran the following command in dos "fpt -me -f flashnow.bin". I took a photo of the result. But I have no change in intel XTU, no bclk overclock, nothing new at all.
  11. Rumour: Intel to stop manufacturing LGA CPUs, killing off enthusiast PCs · games.on.net http://semiaccurate.com/2012/11/26/intel-kills-off-the-desktop-pcs-go-with-it/ Could this be true? Hope not.
  12. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Yes, and it's very hot (when stressed).
  13. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    I have just tried the vbios with stock clocks and 1.175V, then I used msi afterburner to overclock to 1105mhz and it's stable. So I have no clue why the 1100MHz vbios doesn't let me get past the login screen.
  14. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Thanks again for the modded bios! I don't know why, but still I can't get past the login screen, it will just BSOD. I know it's happy with 1.075V and 1030mhz. Also I know it's happy with 1.175V and 1030mhz. Why would 1.175V and 1100mhz not work? Maybe I should try stock clocks and 1.175V and see if the overclock is too high?
  15. moral hazard

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Looks like I was a bit optimistic, couldn't get past the login screen. If you have some time, could I please try 1.1Ghz @ 1.175V instead?

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