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  1. so buddy you playing games with that clocks??
  2. very nice scores man!!! how many volts you are running her? I tried to to ov+oc at 1.17v at 1500-1490 and then my 330w ac adapter shutdown my laptop at firestrike...
  3. I think buddy that you must score 9500 gpu score for 980m
  4. Hey guys in couple days my second 970m is coming... I already flashed my first one with prema vbios. How i will flash my second one with the same vbios? Commands? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Sorry but i didnt mean to be rude for anybody... SVL is perfect too. Giving solutions for everybody! we are very thankful for that. Great to have you all here on this forum!!!
  6. So Prema made a vbios for 980m and 970m too? So what are the differences btw SVL and PREMA vbios? Anybody had the expirience?
  7. This +225 is full stable on games? or benchmarks? Because +240 that i am now to run bench,i can run with +50mv too but bf4 multyplayer not even close...lol Your temps playing games ov + oc?
  8. Yes you right my friend...😁 - - - Updated - - - Yes you right my friend...
  9. I flash too the vbios(thanks svl) my 970m plays games like bf4 multiplayer at 1280 core and 2900 mem at 1.025v or +75.0mv. MY max temps are 64c without no full speed fans. My fps are btw 70-90 ULTRA SETTINGS And I have clevo p377sm-a I know I can go further but im scared....
  10. hi guys do you know what is the safest volt oc 24/7 gaming for the gtx970m? btw I have p377sm-a thanks
  11. here is a picture from xtu while I was oced my 780m: As you can see on 99% im running at 3.19mhz 4 cores:(and at 45-50% on 3.49mhz)here is the 3dmark11 result:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4800MQ,Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-1763
  12. yea I untick everything you said to me except the EIST and MUITIPLIER. with no real difference:(did you find out any new updates(bios or ec?)
  13. Hey buddy:) yea I have the ms-1763 barebone just like GT-70 2OD.do you think is bios-ec problem?also I use a modded dell slim psu 240w.thanks man. I also tried the throttlestop 6 with no good results:(
  14. thanks Captmario!!but where can I download the throttlestop?if I remember correct there is no version available for haswell cpus.right?
  15. I have the same problem mate with you....look at stock clocks:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4800MQ,PowerNotebooks MS-1763 and if I oc my gpu a little I get this physics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4800MQ,Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-1763
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