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  1. The third line it's a tachometer output, it's used to feedback the fan's rpm to the mobo so it can control it's velocity by changing the PWM to keep it at a steady rpm rate. That's the most common way to control a fan. I'm going to add a switch to be able to chose normal mobo 3.3v PWM control or full 5v, the thing is that i need to make a hole in the case to place the switch and before that i have to be sure that the mod won't fuck up my laptop in anyway, holes aren't reversible. All i want it's to stay under the thermal throttling point, because once it kicks in the laptop won't recover it's full performance until the temperature drops around 10 degrees under the throttling point, and that sucks. I hope i can get around 80º with the new TIM and the fan override, did you achieved your new temperatures only with the new controller?
  2. About the feedback line i thought your custom controller used that info to keep the fan steady, in my case it's not enven needed, i'm just going to cut the power cable and insert a switch to connect it to the 5v line. I know the switch solution it's a little clumpsy, the ideal way to do it would be using the 3g module (mine doen't have one) activating key combo to engage the mod via some electronics, but that would imply installing some drivers and even modding the launch manager and that's just too much for me, i'm not a software guy. I will try to locate the sata power line and start working from there.
  3. Then it must be a microcontroller (activating a transistor or something similar) to supply the fan with enough current. Anyway, i saw the pictures already and it's a neat job but to complicated for my needs, i'm going with the easy approach. If you could ask him if the point from where he took the power is the main 5v line it would be very nice, I was thinking on taking it from a usb but i remembered some usb ports are limited to 0.5w and the fan is around 2w, so it may be problematic. Does the lack of a rpm feedback coming from the fan affect the laptop at all? or did you disabled it on bios? That might be a problem too. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for the info, with that 19v reference I'm asuming your guy used some kind of fan controller ic (I don't have enough privileges to see the atachments at the moment) that supports different supply voltages, so wired to a 5v line gives you a 5v output, very nice. I don't need that much sofphistication, a simple switch will do, normal control for everyday use, continuos 5v while gaming. If i'm in the mood i may try to design a simple circuit with a solid state switch and a pushbutton instead of a mechanical switch. For the TIM I'm going to use arctic mx-2, it's the only decent one that my local store have and they had to order it so i'll have to wait a few days.
  5. Chicaner

    Cooling a 5750G?

    I hope i can get to 85 only with the new paste wi'll see. In this laptop you can actually see the fan in trough a vent in the bottom, lighting it with a flashligth it's possible to see if the blades are dusty, anyway i'm going to open the laptop for repasting so i'll clean the fan while i'm at it.
  6. Chicaner

    Cooling a 5750G?

    I've jus bought a 5750g second hand (i5 2430M 2.4 GHz & nvidia 540M 2GB) and it's running really hot, i'm getting 95+ temperatures on both the cpu and gpu while gaming, so big thermal throttling framerate drops apply. The thing is that the fan looks almost perfectly clean so i'm discarding that option but given the fact that this laptop only have one heatsink for the cpu the gpu and the chipset and that the fan is not providing enough air flow i want to ask you for some cooling tricks to lower the full load temp to 80 or 85. About the fan, it doesn't achieve the same rate under load that the one it gets while booting, just after powering the laptop the fan goes crazy and then drops to it's usual rate and that's not enough. At the moment i'm thinking on: -replacing the stock thermal compound -buying a cooling pad <-not a big fan of this one, i think the system should take care of itself -hacking the fan to bypass the pwm control and soldering it directly to a 5v line, jet engine rpm on demand.
  7. Great work! I've recently buyed a 5750g second hand and it's having big issues with thermal throttling, both the cpu and the gpu get to 95+ degrees under full load. I'm going to clean the fan and replace the thermal compund to see if that helps and maybe i'll try to add a "ghetto" fan controller, just a selector switch to set the fan directly to a 5v line or default wiring. Does your custom controller work at 5V? it would be nice to know before blowing mine off.
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