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  1. A Friend of mine who likes to game and watch movies on his computer was wondering if he should spend the extra money to buy a 4k monitor. Does anyone have any advice, or an opinion on 4k? Is it really better?
  2. From my experience RAID0 is better than the single drive when I put two 840's in a raid I noticed faster boot, game load times, and file xfers. It may not be a huge speed difference like from HDD to SSD but you will notice it and like it; especially if you have to copy or extract large files often.
  3. Welcome to My profile.

  4. Just got a new Chromecast wondering if anyone has any good app recommendations, or knows of any cool hacks/mods?
  5. I liked Joffery dieing but it is the John Snow plot line I want to see the most season.
  6. Kind of obsessed with the vocals from Alabama shakes.
  7. Was Captain America 2 really better?
  8. Just Joined this site and thought I should introduce my self. Ph1Man of NY. Hi.
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