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  1. In highschool I was really into photography and video production and now its becoming more or less a profession. I am starting to do weddings, sweet 16s birthdays, music videos and other parties regularly and I see this business growing in the future. Right now I use my cousins (and partners) computer for most of the heavy rendering stuff. I use programs such as after effects, premier and photoshop (basically the adobe suite). I am also an 3rd year Mechatronics Eng student and use a lot of cad(computer aided design) software such as autocad, 3DS Max, inventor, rhinoceros, Siemens PLM NX 8.5 and 9, solidworks to name a few. I use them for designing and testing. They aren't to intensive until you get into shading and rendering flythroughs. My current workhorse is my laptop, Lenovo y510P, which cost me a pretty penny. I removed the cd drive and stuck the 1tb drive that come with it in there and went with a Kinghston HyperX 128Gb drive for my boot. My desktop is old and outdated running a Q6600 when multicore processors where first coming out. I want to build a rig thats just all out beast. The GPU will have to be Nvidia so I can utilize the cuda cores for gpu acceleration. Current Desktop Specs: Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP45T-USB3P (back in the day this was the shit, came with all the bells and whistles, a lga775 with ddr3 and usb3?1?1? unheard of) CPU: Q6600 ocd to 3.6ghz stable for years now RAM: Mushkin Blackline DDR3 1600mhz 2x4gb sticks oced to 1800mhz GPU: HD5770 Case: Cooler Master HAF-X (before usb3 ports came on cases) Cooler: Corsair A70 Power Supply: Corsair TX750W Drives: 1 55Gb OCZ Vertex2 ssdas boot, 2X 1tb Seagate baracuda drives in raid 0 for program installs, 1 3tb harddrive for files and an external 3tb for backups pic: Proposed Desktop Specs: Mobo: Z97 mobo, this is where you guys come in CPU: Intel G3258 (until Broadwell can strut its stuff) RAM: 4x8gb (32gb in total) of 1600mhz or 1866mhz or even higher if the price is right GPU: Nvidia GTX 770 Case: Same Cooler: Custom water cooling solution or all in one like H110? (maybe something cheaper with similar specs?) Power Supply: Same Drives: I want to build a NAS but seems like a waste of money, maybe I'll just buy a couple 3/4tb drives on boxing day and stick them in raid 5 (storage needed for all the video files) The mobo should be around the $160-180 mark and offer Sata express through either M.2 or onboard expand-ability (like the Asus Z87 deluxe sata express). I also need to get a cooler as I know I'll be overclocking the new broadwell chips. I want to be able to push the max out of my cpu but I dont want to be spending so much on a cooling solution that it would just make more sense to just go with a higher end cpu. For example the i7 4770k is about $100 more than the i5 4670k. Thanks in advance for the help guys or girls if they exist on this forum Cheers from me
  2. What I think is happening the laptop is booting "too" fast and goes through the bios load screen faster than it can register the button press. Its more of an issue with UEFI bios. Computer booting too fast has never been problem before till now.
  3. Try contacting Asus with your problem maybe they'll be able to help you out. I know I was having a problem with my power supply and my EVGA board when I fist bought it. The over voltage protection just kept tripping. Called in and they told me that the PSU I was trying to use wasn't fully compatible with the board, there had been known issues. They sent me over a check that paid the restocking fee I had to pay for returning the PSU. I also I have a Asus laptop and there customer services department has always been very useful.
  4. Nvidia GTX 760 for sure It has a good performance to price ratio and comes with Cuda cores and Nvidia's suite of software. It'll be more future proof too as well. I do video editing and simulations and the cuda cores really speed things along, the nvidia cards I feel are more versatile. When it comes to overall performance per dollar I think you would be better off with the red team if all your gonna be doing is gaming.
  5. You can always look on craigslist for dead laptops that have a beefy CPU that you can switch. Don't know if its easy as just drop in the new cpu and it'll work. There may be some bios work that needs to be done, svl7 will probably be able to answer that one better. As far as cooling goes I think it'll be fine. I'm gonna be keeping up to date with this thread. This is something I would like to do down the road too.
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