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  1. The Zotac comes without any storage drives and RAM. There's a "plus"-version including a 64GB SSD and 4 GBs of RAM. But it's cheaper to buy them seperately.
  2. Yep, a Cooling Pad changes everything. I do not have it running all the time. The space between the Laptop and Ground leads to a lower temperature and quiet fans in Office Mode. When it comes to serious Gaming my Y500 does not get hotter than 75 °C. I use the Thermaltake Massive 23LX. It fits all 15.6" Notebooks.
  3. I recognised that there is a Mainboard Form Factor called Nano-ITX. So I searched for such Mainboards and I only found that there are a few but very expensive Nano-PCs out there which seem to be perfect for watching HD-Movies over a big Display. The possibility to mount that PC on a Display's back seems also to be very interesting for a clean office usage. Zotac comes with its new ZBox CI540 Nano. Price is about 320 Euros (Germany). This one is absolutely fanless, heats up to a maximum of 40°C and delivers up to 1.9 GHz with TurboBoost (Intel Core-i5-4210Y). Is this the Office-PC we all have been waiting for? Are there more machines like the CI540 for sale and how much do they cost? Is there anybody who is looking for something like this? Did anyone make experiences with such a device? cheers!
  4. You should try Asseto Corsa, which is accessable with Steam in early access, still alpha state but a great racing simulator game in the future. I am using the G27 from Logitech and it's much fun racing against real drivers around the Nordschleife ;-) And if you like Oldschool-Gaming, then you should try Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe... It is a transport economy simulator from 1995, a bit refurbished with full-HD resolutions and it comes partially with new 32bit graphics. It is much fun to play in network games with big maps and lots of competing companys.
  5. Is a resolution of 1920x1080 too low for a 27" display? I am looking forward for a LG Flatron E2711 to replace my E2240. It's not that expensive but should be perfect for my desk, I think. I recognised that sometimes I get closer to my Screen instead of using CTRL and Mouse Wheel Up... But when I do so, the Information of PDF documents is only accessable by scrolling again and again.
  6. I used to put on the dust removal function to cool down the system after gaming for a quiet office mode. But it won't work anymore, there is still a noise remaining. I found out that my 3630QM is capable of Intel-HD-Graphics (4000) but it doesn't appear. Thankfully I found this site to find everything i'm supposed to use for fixing my issues in the right way. When I'm done with all the modifications I am now able to do, I will recommend them to my friends who have the same problems with their Y500/580s. Thanks a lot!
  7. I tried to install the official HD 4000 drivers, "system requirements not reached" or something like this. (it's easier in German :-P). Hope that the BIOS-Update will finally fix it. There is no such site elsewhere so I landed here to try my luck. Edit: I did quite well with the normal flash from v1.05 to v2.02. Thanks for that.. but when I start the Biosfixer.exe (I successfully made a backup of my BIOS v2.02) I can not simply drag and drop the BIOSBACK.BIN into the program :-( Is there any hint you can give me?and yes - I don't run the biosfixer.exe as an administrator. Either way it doesn't work on my machine. :-( Edit #2: I ran Win7 in Safe Mode .. converting done, now everything works fine on v2.04 including SLI graphics! :-)Only the Intel HD 4000 does not appear anyways :-/ But now i can underclock my graphics for a quieter office mode :-) cheers!
  8. Nice pictures. Maybe I should try to open it up and clean it from dust and refresh the cooling paste. My Y500 is getting a bit noisy in Office Mode and i miss the Intel HD-4000 option. I Hope, a BIOS Update will solve my problem too. Sorry about my bad English.
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