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  1. Hi people, and thanks to svl7 for work. I've just flash my R4 with the A11 V2 and I don't see any change. I don't have all the option as the A5 screenshot. Is it normal?
  2. Hi people, in my new gaming desktop, I will make a home made watercooling with copper tubing. Which fitting is compatible? Does somebody could help me? I will use 10/13mm tubing, the Koolance 380i for the CPU, the EK coolstream 360 for the rad, and XSPC photon 170 with lang d5 pump. Thanks.
  3. It's resolved... I have really good performance now! between 50 and 60 fps in star citizen very high config, and the same in planetside 2 in ultra config. A question, do you think a custom VBios could really increase the performance? And somebody could explain me the advantage to flash the laptop with an unlock bios? Thanks again.
  4. Yes, I have the 3D display and HD 4000 isn't compatible with 120Hz screen....
  5. Hi guys, Angelus a new t|I member. I begin by apologize for my bad english, I'm French, and I don't speak (or write) in english since a long time. So, I have m17x R4 with 3D screen, 8GB ram, a 3720QM, a GTX 880m ( upgrade from the 675m) a SSD and a HDD for data. I've installed the gpu last evening, mod the .inf and it works well. Except 3 little things.... My performance never exceed 20/25 fps ( I've tried with Planetside 2, in high setting and medium setting, it's the same fps value and worst than the 675m) The 3D vision driver doens't recognize my display as a 3D vision Display... ( And i'm sure it's one, i used to play in 3D with my last GPU) The idle temp is 70°C min and about 93° in charge..... Does somebody have an idea? I don't know what i can do. I've heard about two things : the latest nvidia driver limits the power of the gpu. ( right or wrong?) Alienware loves put own vbios inside the gpu and oem gpu could not works properly. Thank you again for helping, and thank you for reading my "pretty" english!
  6. Hi everybody, I'm Ange from France so please, excuse me for all the mistakes i'll do. I have since few days an m17x R4 with this config : I7 3720QM ( ivybridge, HD4000) 8GB 1600MHz RAM GTX 675M Bios LOCKED A12 Here is my issue : I delete everything in the laptop and reinstall a fresh and new ofiicial Win 7 64bits. I install the chipset driver and all driver and software from Intel. When I try to install Graphic driver for my HD 4000 it says : " Your computer doesn't have the minimal configuration" and stop the process. No problem with anything else. But : I can't see the HD 4000 with my peripherics I can't see it too iin my bios ( integrated graphic : not detected) What can i do? Do you have an idea? Does the unlocked Bios can solve my problem? Thank you!
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