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  1. So until i get my 7970m fixed i installed my friends spare 5870m gpu with A00 bios and it works fine but the gpu fan and cpu fan go full speed at startup and then slow down but by the times windows starts up the fans are going 100% again. Idle temps are fine and the cpu and gpu are not overheating. has anyone ever experienced this? i did a search but could not come up with anything. Thanks
  2. So i upgraded my cpu with a 920xm but want to upgrade my 5870m. what are my options here? which ones are the most compatible. Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. So i think i've come to the reality that the vbios chip will need to be desoldered and replaced with a new one. Can anyone point me to someone that can help me do this? i'm good with soldering but not soldering micro electronics. I just took a look at the vbios chip and dont think im capable of doing it myself. All signs have pointed to SVL7. if you happen to see this post please send me a PM as i've been trying to get in contact with you via PM on notebookreview. Hope you can help me out here. Thanks
  4. so i acquired my m15x with a 7970m. it originally had a 240m and heatsink. it looks like he reused the 240m heatsink. Is that the correct way to set this up with the 7970m? or should i be using a different heatsink?
  5. I've noticed upgrading from a 720m to a 920xm my framerates while gaming have improved noticeably once u get throttlestop tuned in, but when i had the 920xm at stock frame rates were worse and very jittery.
  6. So I have a m15xr2 with a 920xm and a dell 7970m. Last night I decided to flash an undervolted 0.975V by slv7 and everything went well till it asked me to restart and then black screen and the caps and scroll lock are blinking. Can anyone help? I swapped it out for the old 240m graphics card and it works fine. Any help is appreciated. I've been reading up on blind flashing but i dont think the computer is even posting since the caps and scroll lock lights are just blinking. any possible way to fix the gpu? it shouldnt be dead since everything was working fine before the flash.
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